Friday Funday: Blogger GPS

It's Friday...

And next week is Christmas!

In my book, that means 
we're officially in the holidays!

My little sister flew in yesterday.
{yippee- our first visitor!}

We had our end of term gala last night at Hogwarts Oxford...

...and this morning, 
we're headed to London for the weekend.

Handel's Messiah at Royal Albert Hall,
Portobello Road tomorrow morning in the freezing cold, 
Christmas shopping at all the big department stores....

{Perfect, right?!}

Since I am "blogging" from London today, 
it got me wondering what setting your world is taking place in today...

My Friday Funday question is this:

Where are you blogging from today?


  1. I loved getting vistors while living overseas! So fun! Enjoy your family. And I'm blogging from a kitchen in sunny Florida.

  2. OH MY! Handel's Messiah!!!!!!

    I am blogging from Western Massachusetts.

  3. Panama!!

    Enjoy your lovely time in London. oh how i adore their department stores. that top shop is to die for!

  4. I am blogging from my desk, which is covered in work and wrapping!
    Picture lots of brightly colored ribbons and snippets of paper and paint....

  5. I just tweeted that it looks like I'm blogging from the inside of a shaken snowglobe. That's what it looks like here today lol

  6. Today I am blogging (actually not blogging yet, I'm postless!) from my desk in my Long Island office! It is so nice not to have to trek in to the city every day and I always try to stay on the Island Mon & Fri. Sitting out my desk I can see straight down to the Great South Bay and it is clear and crisp looking, but definetly chilly! I know you guys are getting snow in London today but we are hoping for a dumping on Sunday!

    Enjoy your festive weekend and your sister's company! xxox

  7. i'm posting from snowy kent so not too far away, I bet London looks picture postcard with the snow and lights - have fun!

  8. My bed, natch. Which resides in Tempe, Arizona.

    Last night I watched the original 101 Dalmations, and since it's set in England, I totally thought of you!

  9. sweet pics!!

    and i'm blogging from South Carolina today...from my living room couch. :)

  10. I am blogging from my cozy country cabin in Nice, France. The fire is going, even if we don't need it, I am humming carols while wrapping presents. The better half is in the kitchen whipping up some bacon & eggs (how very French of us). Yes, it's a nice day in make believe holiday dream land. :)

  11. hi there! i'm blogging from boston, mass!
    i just found you and adore your blog -- and am going to try that toffee recipe this very weekend!
    my sister in law lives in london and i live through her for all things anglo and proper, and i'm actually a writer, albeit struggling, with anything i must write for the uk -- i need a lingo brush up! :-)

  12. im in my living room in Edmond, Oklahoma. ;) chance of snow, but probably not. i wish i was blogging from an all inclusive resort in the rivera maya. ....sigh. have a great weekend lauren!

  13. West loop of Chicago, Illinois :)

    Have a great time in London!

  14. Sitting a desk in the freezing suburbs of New York. No snow in sight, just a bitter wind. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

  15. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Apologies for not commenting lately~we've been mad with preparing to return home this very day. We are all so excited to see our family!

    Enjoy your sister's visit and your time in London. Handel's Messiah has special meaning to both myself and Husband as we performed it during our last year in college. It's such a sweeping choral piece that never fails to evoke the most joful of emotions! Merry Christmas from us to you and yours.



  16. i bet london's really pretty right now, huh?


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