I'm a Dallas Girl At Heart.

When I first started blogging, 
I somehow stumbled across Dilly Dallas...
written by wonder girl, Dallas Shaw.

It was one of the first two or three blogs I followed.

I was instantly hooked,
and would return day after day to see what cool things she was up to...

... whether it was blogging about something fabulous,
drawing up a new piece for a fashion line,
or just being cute!

{Isn't she a doll?}

Employed by forces such as 

DKNY, American Eagle, Daily Candy etc-
Dallas draws

 up runway aspirations for designers 


 everyday fashion from the street.

For a while now,
my eye has been set on her drawing
a pair of commissioned pieces of Tyler & I.

Oh my goodness. 

In black & white.
 Hanging together in a hallway.

I'm saving up my pennies for the splurge, 
but in the meantime may have to start with one of her pieces on Etsy.

And at the least, I'll continue my daily dose of style from her blog!

Don't you love her work? It's so feminine and fun...

What artist do you dream of hanging in your home?

*photos by Peter Van Beever


  1. she is an absolute doll! and her drawings are very cute!

  2. i dream of owning a Marc Chagall. One day i will have one. :) her blog is too cute. can't wait to start following. Thanks for the tip girl! xo kendall

  3. I love her blog! She is so talented!

  4. Oh great, thanks for introducing me to someone else who makes things I covet.

    I've also always wanted one of these hanging in my home--the original, not the print: http://www.etsy.com/listing/63455071/dancers-original-oil-painting

  5. I dream of owning a piece Clare Elsaesser! I am commissioning a piece for over our bed. She is so talented. Here's the link for her Etsy shop:

  6. Such a fan of Dallas and her wonderful drawings. Am dreaming of a dressing room where the walls are covered with her fanciful, fashionable sketches!

  7. Dallas' work is top dollar. She does all the illos for Rue! Hope you are well, Lauren - more snow on the way for us! xo

  8. gorgeous--thanks for sharing her with me :) I don't know how I'd ever choose who I'd like to hang around my home...I'd just host a party! haha.
    xoxo {av}

  9. Super Cute! Thanks for the heads up on her blog too it is Fab!


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