Monday Moods: I feel... timeless.

I've been going through my pictures from Italy.

And I've realized...
any decade looks good on that place!

the unedited version!

These are all my pictures from this January...
just with a little bit of editing.

For similar looks for your own photos
 try the cool app, Camera Bag


  1. Timeless indeed! I'm really hoping I can get to Italy in April - plaza, gelato, and truffles...yay!

  2. FUN!! :) I heart the yummy wine in Italy.

  3. So fun! All ourpictures from Italy are from the 1970's so this post hit home for me!

  4. LOVVVVE IT!! Italy is amazing, any decade ... just anytime (:

    gorgeous pictures!

  5. Oh, what a place! You're looks good in any decade, any era. And you look great in Italy!!

    xo Elizabeth


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