Paging Doctor Grove

I got tested.

No, no, no...
 not for anything hideous...

but to diagnose my style, silly!

Kirsten of Simply Grove
offers a free test.

And it's not the awkward type of testing
that lands you half-naked,
wearing a gown made out of fast food napkin material, 
with zero pride remaining to your name.

Kirsten will review the images,
and a few days later-

she will let you know
-in a very professional manner-
 what's happening in your head.

Do you experience pain in your heart when you look through Lonny?
You may be living with "Ecclectic mix of modern glam with youthful traditional" taste.

Perhaps you're budget is ailed your affection for nordic design with a very real case of:
"Classic modern with a dose of swedish rustic taste."

{Symptoms may include a Pavlov-like response to Swedish meatballs and/or lignon berries...}

If you have developed a taste that can be bet described as:
 "clean chic retro with traditional, classic, and rustic moments,"
it's recommended that you spend 45 minutes of walking

... through Restoration Hardware every day.

These are the five pictures I sent to Kirsten...

I have to admit, I was nervous.

What if I had a plaguing case of

You can only imagine my relief when this came through my inbox...

Lauren’s Style Diagnosis:

Glamorously Traditional
Statements are made and ideas are very clear in these spaces.  It is not ok to be boring.  Old fashioned creativity is out the door.  Pieces are big and beautiful and walls are full of modern and classic art.  Linens are high quality and accessories tell a story.  Elegance and contemporary have kissed!!


Thanks, Doc.

Head over to Simply Grove...
check out what Kirsten's saying, 


  1. How fun getting to know your style through these pictures! Glamorous and traditional certainly resonate with me. Now I have to choose some interiors and head over to Simply Grove.

  2. That headboard is to die for!

    Oh, HOW to narrow it down to 5 images?

    I have a feeling I might be Glamourously Traditional, too!

  3. This is very cool! I love your spaces.

  4. What fun!! Glamorously traditional sounds about right for you I'd say!!

  5. Glamorously Traditional seems to suit you well :) I think "Ecclectic mix of modern glam with youthful traditional" describes me pretty well!

  6. Was just there - how fun! And glad to have landed here too!
    xo Cathy


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