You look just like her!

I have always looked exactly like... my sister.

Nobody has ever thought I looked like anyone famous-
until suddenly.

I have had so many people say the exact same phrase to me:
"You know who you look like? That girl from Spiderman."

Yeah, I know that girl from Spiderman. It's Kirsten Dunst, silly.

But look like her?

I'd been laughing it off, 
but after the tortilla guy from Chipotle said it to me...
I'm starting to believe it might be true.

Whaddaya think?

{I tried my Durnst-iest to find picture duos that worked... }

I'm not really sure it's a straight match-
but it's kind of a fun game to play!

It seems that most people have a look-a-like paired to them.

Who do people say you look like?

Kirsten Dunst images: 1, 2, 3, 4
Aspiring Kennedy portrait {top right}: Aaron Snow


  1. You do look like her! You are even more beautiful than her!! I have been told I look like quite a lot of people but for the past few years it has been a pretty constant 1 person in particular. The one that I get on nearly a weekly basis is Paris Hilton! I have heard that from 100's of people, and recently won a contest my husband entered me in as a Paris Hilton look alike on MSN! haha

    Have a wonderful weekend lady!


  2. I get that too! Kirsten Dunst-- especially when i used to dye my hair blonde¡

  3. Love it! You do look like her! You both are gorgeous! I get Taylor Swift. Happy weekend!

  4. You TOTALLY do! So funny, you're both adorable! I get Tea Leoni sometimes.. which is probably a good thing since my husband is in LOVE with her

  5. I can really see it. You are both very beautiful! I did one of those quizes and the results were that my closest look alike was Christina Applegate. Nobody ever tells me that however. My husband gets comments regularly that he looks exactly like Clark Gable.

  6. Lauren, I can see the resemblance but you have way better teeth!!! I've gotten all sorts of look a like comments. I got Ashton Kutcher when I was in High School, Justin Timberlake when my head was shaved, and now with my long hair I tend to get Clark Kent. Personally I don't really see the resemblance in any of them, but to each their own.

  7. you do! annnnd you have the same cute lips!

  8. Crazy! You really resemble each other... I think its your face shape!

  9. I can definitely see it - two beautiful women!

    I get Emily Deschanel from "Bones." Totally a compliment. Love her!

  10. i'm so impressed with your photo matching skillz! you are prettier, but maybe a slight resemblance!

    as for me, duh, kristi yamaguchi. thankyouverymuch. tehee

  11. I always thought you looked a bit I know why!:)

  12. Hmm, I guess I'm the dissenter here. I don't see it. And I think you're about 1000000 times more lovely.

    Maybe you should dress up as Marie Antoinette for a fancy dress party so we can really see.

  13. you do LOOK like her!!!!

    happy firday!!!!

  14. yesssss!!! you look like her!!!

  15. Yes! I can totally see it! You are both beautiful. You should ask if they would like your autograph. I went on a trip w/ hubby for his work and this couple kept staring at me.... it was so odd. After a few days they told that I looked like the husband's ex. I was like... "Sorry?" What do you say to that?!! xo

  16. yes you totally look alike! you are gorgeous!

  17. Of course, I totally see it now! Love your photo duos!

    Happy Weekend!
    xo Elizabeth

  18. I LOVE your blog! Glad you stopped by mine... going to follow and add you to my blogroll now!

    When I was younger, people used to think I looked like Lacey Chabert (from Mean Girls). Not as much anymore.


  19. you do look a lot like her!! i've gotten really weird ones...remember natalie imbruglia? yeah, her. and then rachel leigh cook which is a little more believable. in fact, i wanna do this now!!

  20. p.s. my fave burger place here in okc is on we <3 burgers. but they totally have the WRONG burger listed.

  21. I never thought about it before, but with the picture duos I can definitely see it!!

    <3 Ashley
    ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com

  22. Yes, I can see it - love your pairings!

  23. You are WAY cuter than Kirsten!!!
    I always get Kate Hudson...

  24. Yes the guy is right. There is something in your eyes and smile. If she is sick, they can hire you!

    I get Ingrid Bergman and Lauren Bacall. Not bad either. But I will not be able to find pictures to proof it! ha ha !

  25. I can see it absolutely! I get Téa Leoni....

  26. I get...almost weekly...that I look like Jennifer Love Hewitt. I actually really do. I guess it's not a bad thing. :) you DO look like her...but you're prettier! :)


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