Dates & Olives

I have a hot date tonight.

And we're going for Italian.

Now I love creamy pasta,
salty antipasti,
& gigantic tiramisu,
but the reason I'm asking for Italian tonight is to get my hands on some...


I never thought I liked them...
{till I tried them}
and now I love them.

So, yes, a date... 
with some olives.

Sound perfect to me!

Do you have a hot date tonight?

With a friend? With the couch? With someone new?


  1. I've actually never had an olive either. I think I'm too chicken to try them. I don't need another food obsession. :)

    I have a hot date with a sewing machine and a rapscallion poodle. And maybe a Golden Girls DVD.

  2. mmmmm this pic is making me so hungry!

  3. olives are my week point. when i was little i used to eat all the olives before the rest of the family showed up at christmas. my great aunt used to buy me olives as a joke for a present. i have a hot date with p90x, the shower, and then probably the couch until bed. lovely. have a great night!!

  4. That looks delicious! An appetizer at one of my favorite restaurants features olives and almonds, like in the photo above. Yum! Date with Hubby, the kids and the couch tonight. Ready to put my feet up and relax. Have a great weekend!

  5. i love olives too (now). never thought i did either, but now i can't get enough.

    our dog is even named olive...

  6. not a huge olive fan, but italian food is my absolute favorite! i have a hot date with my couch and my boyf is joining us as the third wheel :)

    have fun!!


  7. My man is skiing in Vail - so I'm going to a fundraiser and dinner with my girlfriends. Tomorrow, off to the Big Apple with my little men for some fun and culture!

    xo E
    ps: love dates, love olives (both the kind you eat!)

  8. a hot date night is simply dinner and a movie - and i'm happy with that. i think being long-distance im happy with anything just to be with him. :)

  9. my mom and I are watching you again - fun mom daughter date (:

    & crazy thing about olives! my husband and I hated olives. then we forced ourselves - thinking we'd finally like 'em! and we do. we love them too. oh i bet you can find some incredible olives in london (:

    enjoy your hot date!

  10. enjoy your date :) Hubby is putting babies to bed (as I type) and we are going to cook dinner, drink some cocktails, and watching a movie!

  11. We tried out the neighbourhood Indian resto tonight... so amazing!! Can't believe we've missed it for this long. It was a quiet dinner, but awesome!

  12. I had a date with the didnt go so well. Service was nice but over all nah

    xoxo em

  13. i had a hot dinner/movie date with the boyfriend. we rented 'the kids are allright' but ended up watching 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs.' crazy friday night huh?! :) hope you enjoyed the olives! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  14. YUM! Actually I do have a hot date night IN tonight :) Big storms headed for Georgia tonight so we decided to stay dry. Italian for us too- tortellini with a sweet basil sauce, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Mm. Oh, don't forget- vino.

  15. I'm not typically a martini girl but there's a restaurant that serves blue-cheese stuffed olives with their dirty's. To. Die. For.

  16. oh me too. olives & I are BFF


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