If I Woke Up in Paris, I would... Vol 8

Good morning, mes amis!
I hope you've had your coffee,
because you are going to want to be
wide awake
for dear Ally of

She's cute, she's darling...
and guess what?
So are is guest post!

If I Woke Up in Paris, I Would...

What a coincidence! When Lauren emailed me about this guest post, I was actually in the middle of planning my own trip to Paris. I'm heading there next week so I can tell you one of the things that I'll actually be doing.

When I lived in Paris, a group of girlfriends and I had a tradition of celebrating each of our birthdays at one of the grand restaurants. Two of us have moved away but we meet up once a year or so and for this reunion, we've decided on Le Cinq. I already know it's going to be one of the highlights of my trip.

Thanks for having me today, Lauren! 
I hope you're having a fantastic trip!


  1. if I woke up in Paris, I'd explode from happiness!



  2. so gorgeous! love this :)

    we just need to plan big ole trip to Paris after all these suh-weet posts!!!

  3. That definitely wins for best birthday tradition...

  4. Lucky girl! I wish I were headed there next week.... sigh. xo

  5. This series is so fun! I have been looking forward to who will post next :) And I'm always jealous of Ally's international and frequent travels...Paris next, so lucky!

  6. Ally you have the best travel schedule ever and what a great way to celebrate a birthday!!


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