Independence Day(s)

Sharing your life with someone else is fantastic.

There is something intangibly good
about the act of committing to spend 
your days with another person.

While I completely adore my life with Tyler,
and am eagerly awaiting his arrival to the wedding hoopla...

 I really must say:

I am loving my days back home by myself.

When Tyler finally shows up,
I'll have to bounce back into my adult self...

Seemingly foreign activities such as 
making my bed, turning down my blaring music, & the addition of protein to my diet
will quickly return to my daily life.

But in the meantime,
I'm living it up.

Does anyone else morph into a
younger & deliriously naive version of yourself
upon returning to your childhood home?


  1. i TOTALLY do! i return home every summer to see my family and friends and i always regress to a teenager again! why does that happen, i ask? haha! glad to know i'm not the only one!

  2. I am the exact same....its like an escape from reality!!!!

  3. Oh, this is too cute. So glad you are enjoying yourself... it's like a little mini break! xo

  4. Totally - and a blissful night snore free would top my list!

  5. I'm the EXACT.SAME.WAY! I don't know what it is ... I blame my Daddy! :)
    xo:: Lauren @ tickled.

  6. I am the exact same way. 16 year old Alex shows up every time.


    when taylor is gone i A- stay up late reading B -or watching period piece dvds on my laptop in bed C -get to sleep in without being judged (eating dark chocolate in bed might or might not be added to the list:)

    i guess our hubbys keep us somewhat civilized! enjoy your time at home-

  8. Love the eating protein comment, left to my own devices I would rarely eat protein, I have to force myself!

  9. hahaha so you're saying enjoy this time before i get married? this post was so awesome!!

    p.s. have i ever told you that i love your writing? well, i do.

  10. hope you are enjoying your time home..although you obviously are! :) my mom sold my child hood home after my brother and i were both moved out and in other states. :( sad. i still drive by it some times.

    i miss my high school metabolism too! eating protein was a rare thing for me then. mmmm, carbs!

  11. I am such a kid when the hubs is away! But he is to. I came back from tour once with an empty pizza box in the room with laundry all over the floor. He is the cleanest person I have ever met but when I was gone I think he turned straight into bachelor mode.
    Have fun with your alone time!

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  13. Ha ha! A little alone time is good for you ; )

  14. Wow, totally do that. me time is good for your health.

  15. YES, I morph into a lazy, happy, indulgent teen all over again. I can't help it! :) so glad you're enjoying your time in TX! xoxo


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