Monday Moods: I feel... Lochy.

Touring Scotland can sometimes leave you feeling a bit

... soggy, bloated, & cold...

But after a few days in the Highlands,
I'm only feeling glorious!

Our weekend on the Isle of Skye shocked me.

Literally, I never expected such sites here in the United Kingdom...

(and you know how much I love the United Kingdom.)

Dramatic hills, lush mountains sprinkled with Highland Coo's & sheep,
dreamy castles sitting cozily in the middle of a lake, 
small fishing towns that seemed pleasantly situated in times past,
& so much Cullen Skink (local Haddock chowder),  
even the most opposed eater-of-fish could become a convert.

But the most impressive sites were the lakes.

Err, excuse me...
the lochs.

Our weekend was full of random pit-stops
that found us standing in silence 
with our mouthes open & our cameras clicking
at the mirrored expanse sprawling before us.

As if one version of the scenery wasn't pretty enough-
the stillness of the water in the sunshine
gave us a bit of double vision.

How lucky!

trying to imitate this picture that i love

cruising loch ness looking for nessie... no luck here.

there she is! (at the visitor's centre) 

sunset at 10:30 pm at night on the isle of skye. crazy, right?

the prettiest sunset i've seen in a while. isle of skye.

lochs of love

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. You are such a "lochy" girl... traveling and seeing the sights as you do! Love being a part of the ride even if only vicariously!

  2. You are adorable. It just looks so peaceful and beautiful. I would love to visit some day! xo

  3. There you go again making me feel all "lochy"
    Did you manage to document a lochy lips photo?

  4. What fun! Those pictures are incredible and I love the commentary.

  5. Hello! Found your blog awhile ago and love visiting. My husband and I went to Scotland on our honeymoon and drove around the Highlands, visited Eilean Donan, and went to Skye (almost 8 years ago, yikes!). Lovely photos. Thanks for taking me back!

  6. I'm dying to visit Scotland and this post just makes my desire grow even stronger. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  7. Gorgeous! Though a little sad you didn't see Nessie :)

  8. Isn't Skye utterly incredible?
    I live in Scotland, your photos have done me proud!

  9. Well, gee. Now I have to add Skye to my list this Summer. That photo of the fort is amazing! Gives me chills seeing how beautiful the country is.

  10. What a beautiful place to visit!!! That sunset is stunning!!!

    xoxo elizabeth

  11. wow, how beautiful!


  12. Gorgeous photos!! Sunset at 10:30 P.M.? Caraaaazy!

  13. jealous...this look amazing!!!

  14. Beautiful shots as always! Don't you just love Skye - I was there years (decades) ago and still remember its haunting beauty!!

  15. you are so adorable, Lauren. always love living vicariously through your blog:)

  16. I love feeling like I travel the world a little when visiting your blog.

    You two are adorbs. Seriously.

  17. i miss you! those photos are amazing! xox

  18. Ok, that's it. I need to get to the Highlands ASAP. That first photo is so stunning!

  19. Hey gorgeous! I cannot get over that first picture, it is AMAZING!! Glad you two lovebirds got to have another romantic adventure together!! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last picture of you two, sooo cute! :) Hope your week is going well! xoxo

  20. 1) adore that last pic
    2) 'waterhorse' the movie is about the sweetest ever (about nessie)
    3) taking this to another that the same little island a certain RP and KS have been spotted vacationing?!

  21. CRAZY gorgeous, Lauren! That last picture is "blow me up onto a large scale canvas" worthy, fo sho. Meet any rappers on this trip? ; ) xo

  22. I too was blown away by the Highlands! (Tho I too often felt bloated and cold.) Next time you go, stay here: It is the sweetest cottage in the most dramatic setting! You'd love it.


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