Oxford English Dictionary- Volume 5

Desserts are pretty important to me.

So it as soon as bank accounts, phone contracts, rent, & employment 
were settled after our move to England,
I decided it was time 
to get on local terms with the sweet stuff here....

but it was all a bit of a doozey.

Things looked familiar...

....and they sounded familiar

....but they just weren't the same.

Learning to work my way through menus 
that included curious items like
non sweet pies full of steak & ale
could be headache (& tummy ache) inducing!

These days when it's time to indulge in a sweet treat,
I've really got my legs under me.

....though they're a bit chubbier than they were before.


  1. good to know!! i love these oxford english dictionary posts! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. haha, thank you! i'm heading to london in 2 weeks and this is absolutely VITAL information to carry along :)

  3. I hope to visit London some day, so this is great to know :)

  4. I have a total sweet tooth, too. So happy you've sorted out the terminology! It's very important as we all know desserts are essential to one's happiness :)
    xx fallon

  5. This is great!! I am supposed to be going to London in Sept. for a wedding so this could really come in handy so I don't look like a total idiot! I must say this post has me feeling quite hungry and craving a bIscuit aka cookie! Stop by, last day to be eligible for the gorgeous Kilim bench!

  6. most of this kind of makes sense to me, but the pudding as cake is very confusing. i would never have ordered pudding therefore never being pleasantly surprised by the cake that was brought to me. sweets are important to me too so thanks for sharing! :)

  7. ya...this one took me a good 4 months to figure out..silly brits.

  8. Yeah.. I could understand why you would be confused.. pudding as cake? Strange. Perhaps we're the silly ones..

  9. Haha! You know how much I needed this! I'm pretty sure I'll be eating dessert after every meal so this guide is very handy.

  10. I just love the different words the Brits have for things! I find myself having to translate in my head sometimes, now that I'm back in the USA.

  11. i feel so much more PREPARED now...i don't think i could make it without cookies.

    and i love reading your tweets and living vicariously through your UK adventures :)


  12. You could do endless posts about this sort of thing (are you from the states originally?). What makes me chuckle- amongst other things- is tea can mean tea, or dinner. Why not just call it dinner?

    Love your blog, a new fave for sure.

  13. These posts are the best! I may actually make a traditional english breakfast this weekend- I've been craving it ever since you posted it! This has reminded me to actually do it!

  14. Haha you're adorable! Thanks for the lesson, sweetie. Desserts are most definitely a priority so I need to know these things :)

    Happy weekend! xoxo

  15. I don't think that pudding could look any more delicious!
    Sometimes I think there are similar differences in lexicon in the US, especially at restaurants in the Northeast versus well... everywhere else!

  16. Thanks for straightening all of this out! Mr.24's been trying to get me to make 'sticky date toffee pudding' ever since he came home from an overseas trip...scares the living daylights out of me, have no clue!
    xo J~

  17. Oh I do say puddings but only for particular heavier more olde fashioned desserts!

  18. I like it when they call cookies "digestives". Makes them seem healthy, and necessary for health.


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