You (don't) look happy to greet me...

...but I still love you anyway, 
Captain & Mrs. Von Trapp.


Did anyone else dream of being Leisl when they were little?
(I did.)

Or wish you were as cute as Gretel?
(I did.)

Hope your week is going well...
thanks for putting up with my inconsistent posting
and low responding lately.

I am drowning a little bit right now.

...guests in town, work, Tyler's school, friends, making plans to move....

Today, I actually scheduled a shower for myself 
to make sure I had time to wash my hair 
in the midst of all that was going on.

It's that bad.

I'm giving myself a pick me up
by way of the Sound of Music.

(My very favorite movie ever, ever, ever.)

Anyone else love this on-screen family
 about as much as you love your own?


  1. I saw it 6 times in the theater when I was a wee lassie.
    I loved it then and now. I dreamt of being in that family wearing the drapes.

  2. my mom walked down the aisle to the wedding march from the sound of music. i come by my love of the movie honestly :)

  3. they were all on oprah! it was amazing to see them all grown up. that print is AWESOME!

  4. i just watched the sound of music for the 1st time a few weeks ago-and LOVED it!

  5. I laughed out loud looking at the print and their stern faces... ha!

    I totally wanted the marionette theater!

  6. I love Sound of Music. One of my all time favorites and I can sing all the songs on command.

  7. My favorite!!!! I have always wanted to sing in a gazebo with a cute boy. Not a Nazi though. That part is a bummer.

  8. i can't believe i'm about to confess this...but i've never seen the sound of music all the way through (at least not since i was at an age to remember all of it). eek. i know, i know! maybe ill schedule that in this weekend. that print is pretty cool though. hope things slow down a little bit for you, but it does sound like a little bit of fun as well.

  9. My sister and I used to "play" Lisel! I am 16 going on 17.... Randomly caught the entire cast of the movie on an old DVRed Oprah the other day. Don't worry, I sat down with a glass of wine and laughed, cried, sang along. Did I mention this was on a Saturday night? Hm. Making myself look COOL right now.... Anything for Sound of Music!

  10. I've always loved The Sound of Music! I always wanted that elaborate puppet stage. I adore the soundtrack and I still listen to often when I'm driving so I can sing along!

  11. One of my favorite movies! I've watched it so many times and I never get tired of it. Love it!

  12. probably the best movie of all time, when I first saw this I thought you were going to say they are making a remake and I was going to be concerned! Great idea for a pick me up!
    xox emily

  13. I can relate to your having to schedule your shower. I have found that skipping the shower add precious time to the day. And it is scary how comfortable I have become with that. I even read an article at the grocery store while waiting to check-out today that said it is okay to wash your hair just once a week - now that would really save some time!


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