Tosca at The Royal Opera

Tyler surprised me with tickets to the Royal Opera's Tosca
last month when we were home for my sister's wedding.

He laid them out for me on her wedding day as a gift to "his bride." 

I mean, seriously. 

I can't make this stuff up.

The boy is good.

So the big date came last Friday night...
we dolled up and headed out.


It was amazing.

and it wasn't my favorite.

Obviously, the music was still gorgeous
-especially, if you love Puccini, like I do-
but the set and staging was just... weird.

(The performance was actually  boo'd on opening night.)

But, ahh...
 the Royal Opera did such a fabulous job
portraying the rich beauty of this love story.

My favorite line was when Tosca sings to Cavaradossi (her lover):

"The world shall enchant us... until, together, we fade away."


Total romancy-pants,
I tell you.

Even Tyler loved it...
and as cheesy as he may seem 
and sweet notes I divulge with you...
the boy is really still a dude.

100% man.

So, boys-
listen up.

Splurge a bit.

Yield to her gooshy dreams a bit.

And who knows-
you may even get lucky... a bit.

Do you like the opera?
Or do you prefer concerts or plays?


  1. adorable - those pictures are too cute. glad you had such a fun time. Seriously, that idea your hubby did was so amazing! Good job 2 him!

  2. I've always wanted to go to an opera.. at least once..

  3. My hubby surprised me with tickets to see the Bolshoi Ballet at the Met on our second date - needless to say, I married him!

  4. How exciting...what a wonderful evening!!

  5. awww what a great surprise! i would LOVE to go to the ballet or theater.. i should get on that :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. I have only been to one opera, and I really enjoyed myself. I love a good musical over anything else. This date was just adorable, by the way!!!

  7. Your man has just won an award for most awesome husband. From beginning to end, that was the most thoughtful gift.

  8. Opera is one of my favorite things. Really. I'm dating a voice major. Haha. Tosca is so beautiful. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  9. so so sweet!
    xo emily

  10. OMG how perfect is he?!?! That's so sweet and exciting! :)

  11. can i email this to my bf?! sounds amazing!

  12. I love Tosca, oh you are so lucky to have a romantic husband.

  13. beautiful picture of you! What a great guy, your husband!

  14. This is sweet and he is a total keeper! Tosca was the first opera I ever saw, and it was me, my husband (we were only married a few years at that time) and his opera obsessed, foodie intellectual snobby friend who got us the tickets. We arrived to Lincoln center to find out we are all seated separately. Huh? He looks aghast as us when we are visibly a litlte annoyed, scorning us for being so shallow as thinking about the seating when we "should be there purely for the opera" and who we sit next to should not be of an relevance!! I kid you not. So...three hours plus later I sat alone watching Tosca, I did enjoy it but would have enjoyed it more with my husband by my side:) Great post!

  15. I'm not a big opera fan....but I am a big Tyler fan. The boy is a keeper - and smart!!!

    My husband has pulled off some great suprises....but I think it's time for another. Would it be totally cheesy for me to forward your blog to him? Ok...maybe I'll just drop some hints! :)

    xoxo Elizabeth


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