Birthday Wish

If I could pick the perfect day to celebrate my 27th birthday,
what would I do?

It would probably involve a day spent with my love...

and my parents...

frolicking through our favorite Tuscan town...

eating delicious Italian meals....

and not having to worry about layering,
random rain showers,
or have to worry about my shoes getting soaked through.

we did all of that yesterday.

Today we will have to settle for lunch at the Antinori vineyard,
 dinner off the Ponte Vecchio 
at my favorite restaurant in the world, Golden View,
and going back to "villa sit" our friend's place afterwards.

I realize how ridiculous and absurd it all sounds,
but alas-
 it's true!

Somehow, I lucked out this year on my birthday.

The only thing that could make it better?

Is if all you guys were there to join the party!

What would you do on your "perfect" birthday?


  1. No, you are kidding me on, you are away again?

    I'm exhausted just thinking about all of your travels!

  2. i spent my 27th birthday snorkeling with sting rays in bora bora (dead serious), and i was upset because it was supposed to be spent on a 4x4 driving through the island of moorea but the cruise ship made a diversion and stopped in bora bora 2 days early. i can't really complain, though, right? :) i'm liking how you are spending yours though!! that's pretty dang perfect. have so much fun!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Ah, yes! You do live the blessed life! I think it's awesome you recognize how ridiculously amazing these opportunities are. You have such fabulous stories to tell and a wonderful way of telling it.

  4. I am so ridiculously jealous...LUCKY YOU! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Cannot imagine a more amazing way to spend your birthday. Life is still young for you my friend, enjoy and savor every beautiful moment! Wishing you a year filled with smiles, uncontrolled laughter and the blessings of love by family and friends.

  5. Happy birthday love! Your recent days really do seem like dreams come true! Enjoy.

  6. I just LOVE the pottery-so beautiful!!!!

  7. Sounds and looks like you're having the best birthday ever! Villa-sitting in Europe?! Where do I sign up for that job?! :-)

    Keep having fun, and happy birthday!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! this is the part where i would wish you to have an amazing one, but can it get more amazing than spending it in tuscany?

    my dream birthday would involve a beautiful european city, relaxing at a cute little bistro and people watching, then visiting a wonderful museum or gallery, and finishing the day with an amazing dinner and some great tira misu or creme brulee!

    hopefully, this birthday will happen one day.

    but again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  9. Awww! What a great way to spend your birthday! Mine is next Saturday and I have NOOOOOO clue at all what I'll be doing!

  10. Wow Lauren - what an amazing birthday!! Wishing you all the best! Love all your beautiful photos!!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Have a wonderful Birthday! Golden View is the BEST, I miss that place!

  13. You lucky, girl! Ah, to be 27 again and spending a birthday in Italy. :) Hope you enjoy your time there - looks amazing. I've been fortunate to have spent many birthdays at the beach with my hubby (who has the same birthday as I), so I'll take that any year. :)

  14. Happy birthday! I know it's a happy one!

  15. Your parents are adorable! I hope you have a great birthday!

  16. My 27th birthday was at an Italian restaurant..... in DC. Not quite the same! Enjoy- the photos of the food are making me hungry!

  17. Goodness, that sounds delightful! I'm so thrilled that you are getting to have such a special birthday visit!

  18. I love all of your photos! I am actually hosting an instragram link up on Monday and would love if you participate!! xxoo!

    {a little dash of ash}

  19. I'm so glad you had a great day! You deserve every happiness! You make the world a happier place!

  20. That is a perfect day!! enjoy your birthday in my fave country ever. eating the best food there is. sounds pretty perfect to me.

  21. If I only have power, then your wish will be done.

    Happy Birthday!

    From Cassy of Guitar Made Easy

  22. I swear, you are having one heck of a year!!!! Looks idyllic....all of it!! (love your brown sandals, btw).

    Perfect bday.....mine would start with a yoga class with all my buddies, followed by a walk, breakfast with my family, quick pick me up at the salon, champagne lunch with the girls, an afternoon with my honey, followed by dinner with all my boys (big and little) and sunshine all the way through!

    xoxo Elizabeth


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