Friday Funday: But honestly....


I love looking through your blogs.

I wonder what everyone is like in their "real lives."

Blogging really allows us to connect in our creative sides...
but I love getting to know you
and discovering "who else" you are.

Are you someone's teacher?
Do you sort buttons?
Can you decorate fancy cakes?
Have you ever been published?
Are you busy raising your babies?

These are things I like to know.

So in order to charm you into being honest,
 I'll be a bit candid with you...

While I may get to show you my frolicking and playing around Europe...

The "real" Aspiring Kennedy works from home doing marketing...
{which is what I'm "trained" to do}
and I also coordinate the overseas program for an American University...
{which is what I "love" to do}
and I can be often found on my couch in my pajamas...
{or "blogging fitigues" as my friend, Beth, says}
way past respectable pajama-wearing hours.

So there you have it.

I've lifted my mask.

Now it's your turn.



  1. Goodness! Can I have your jobs? Those sound fantastic!

    Well, you know I am a dancer and a dance teacher. But sorting buttons? Hilarious!

  2. I'm an exec assistant to a corporate president, a gig that I picked up since the economic downturn. I'm trained as an interior designer, which I still do, just not full-time. I'm also an avid list maker and movie watcher. I have mild addictions to Nutella and chapstick. That's me.

  3. I'm a lot like my "blog persona"....just less perky all of the time.

    If I'm not in my yoga/work out clothes, I'm usually in a dress.

    Raising my 2 boys is my priority, so if I sometimes seem "absent"....that's where I am.

    I used to work in marketing and blogging is a great way to stay in the creative field...just no formal hours. (I'm usually writing my post at 11pm in my nightgown).

    I love champagne, sunsets, hot pink, high heels and ponytails.
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. I'm a marketer as well, but not for a brand that I like, which makes for long days at a stressful agency job in Dallas. I read your blog so much because I interned in London in college and regret not moving there - I'm currently lobbying for a transfer, but there's the husband and house to consider so it's unlikely. I have a very organized closet, but a messy car. I love my doggies too much. I'm openly addicted to magazines (and cardigans). Shopping and decorating make me happy. :)

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  5. I work for a huge marketing company as well - by night i try to keep up with the blogging world! it gets so hard though! :) thanks for sharing :)

  6. I'm a student, and I can usually be found with a book in my face, either for recreation or highlighting my text books with a highlighter. I wish I could be more organized, and I model the majority of my fashion buys off of ralph lauren.

  7. Software engineer for an airline by day, wife and new mother all the time. I am organized, but can live with a bit of clutter if it means time spent with my loved ones. I'm currently reading One Day because I can hardly stand to see a movie before I've read the book. Lovely blog, and thank you for the insight into your daily life.

  8. this is fun :) i live and work in chicago... balancing all the big "grown up" things that are all going on at once right now-- wedding planning, house/condo hunting, travel planning, and job hunting. i also work in marketing... i love the design part of it but office politics get annoying. i wish i could make a living blogging but love that i have met so many wonderful and inspiring people.

    mask off: i am the type of person to look at a menu a day before i go to a restaurant bc i want to know my options...but i still get food envy and 99% of the time i try whatever my fiance is eating. :) xo

  9. love this post.

    job wise - working from home full-time with my handmade business and blog. as we were told at a conference, when people ask what you do say "professional blogger." i don't feel that way, but someone told me to say that when i'm asked. ;)

    mask off: i'm not a morning person. i need my coffee if you want to talk to me. once someone tweeted me and said "are you perky all the time?" and i said "um, no." (did not have my coffee yet at the time.)

  10. I used to be a beauty editor, a gardening columnist, an antiques columnist and write interiors and medical features, now I'm not really anything eek.

  11. Fabulous! Hummm....domestic diva. TOTALLY KIDDING. Mask off...... 1 year of law school, was a buyer for a large dept. store, int. design school dropout (are you seeing a pattern here) its called getting married young and starting a family (wouldnt change a thing) chef wannabe, professional list maker (jk), love being a mom but now that the "kiddies" are semi grown (do boys ever really totally grow up, the jurys out on this one) I want to pursue some of the "unfinished business" and have a long and full list of things I have yet to do! Great post!

  12. PS Forgot closet chocaholic I(and pasta hahaha)

  13. Fun! I am a window shopper,pseudo fashionista, semi healthy cook, baker, and operations lady!
    I wish I could decorate cakes well!

  14. love that you blog in your pj's - it's the best way!! :) i'm a boutique owner, blog writer, corporate dropout and chocoholic!!

  15. Would love to blog in my pj's but have to run a floral business, too! Identical twin and raised in Belgium, lived in Paris... but you know all that. Actually, I'm a die-hard foodie and like Tina, a chocoholic!

  16. I AM someone's teacher! I'm a high school government teacher, who once upon a time wanted to work in politics. Now I teach about it :) My original passion was singing and I've started taking voice lessons again to not lose that.

    I too am not a morning person but have to be at school by 6:45am. I also love to make lists b/c I'm a fairly lazy person and that's how things get done!

    I'm loving reading about everyone's actual lives :) Great post Lauren!

  17. I'm not sure that there's much new to tell. I'm the mother of two boys and two girls, a former NYC publishing Art Director, and a lover of all things with style and substance. Totally a pajama loving girl myself with a nasty salt addiction. Have a great weekend!

  18. Great post - so wonderful to get a gimpse into your world.

    I'm a senior communications specialist for a mid-size corporation, focusing on employee communications. Doesn't sound too sexy, but the pay and hours are much better than when I worked in PR for non-profits and the arts. :) I'm also a wife, mother of two, Junior Leaguer, school/church volunteer, avid walker, even-more-avid reader and rabid University of Kentucky basketball fan (my alma mater). And, I, too often write in my blogger fatigues. :)

  19. Love the post!

    I am a stay at home mommy (still feels like a new gig, even though it has been about 10 months), living in the Netherlands for now. On our way to Scotland in less than two months or so...and can't wait!

    Its funny that is how I define myself now...if you would have asked me about a year ago, it would have been a lot different. :-)

  20. I love this post! Although, I think it's interesting that so many of us turn to blogging as an escape from our day jobs. It begs the question "Who are we now, yes, but who do we WANT to be?"

    Mask off for me: by day, I work for a university in academic affairs, dealing with faculty and serving as an admin to a high level administrator. I totally hear y'all on the politics stuff. Before that I worked in PR (awful) and before that I had the way more interesting job of being a freelance food journalist. Times were tough though, and necessitated the move back to corporate life. Sad face.

    My house is also never as clean as I wish it was.

    Lauren, you should consider turning this into a weekly series with different bloggers!

  21. you may not know this, but you're about to find out. chelsea and i are planning a girls lunch or dinner or drinks or all three next time you are anywhere near oklahoma city/edmond. we've already decided. we'll just kidnap you. and honestly, i can not wait. if there was ever a blogger i wanted to meet "in real life" it's you! and yes, maybe because of our bizarre link to people/states, but mostly because i feel like we would actually be friends "in real life"…and of course, because i totally admire and respect your blogging sk-illz. :) i love stalking and getting to know you better via this awesome blog.
    ohh…but this was supposed to be about me….hmm…i'm an open book. you read my blog. you know the real me. expect i can't afford all that burberry. ;) and i agree with the last comment - make this a series.

  22. My mask is a hand painted watercolor and I made it myself! I painted it while supervising a home renovation, preparing twins for college and dinner without a kitchen. I will be a better artist when the renovation is complete and the twins are in school. (better blogger too) My 12 year old is summoning me and my undivided attention! Blogging is just for fun :)
    Life is good!

  23. I'm a full-time missionary in Ft. Worth Texas serving the 10/40 window of vulnerable refugees. I've taken a semester off of school (with just 24 hours to go), to pursue my love of people and the call to missions. It's my passion to write and my passion to learn. It's not an easy life, but its worth it.

    Also, I'm a fan of your writing and eloquence and wittiness of words it brings to my day. Keep it up Kennedy, you're a ray of hope in a world of dreams.

  24. HMmm...let's see. I'm a 31 one year typical girl living the American dream with a handsome hubby, a sweet 3 year old girl, and boy/girl twins. I'm a pediatric nurse and a children's photographer. Are you catching onto the whole "I love being around kids" theme here? Ha! no, really. I do love children, but I also used to love to travel. I look forward to doing much more of this, perhaps taking some cooking classes abroad, and definitely mastering a few languages. In the blogger world, I'm just a mommy. But, I definitely have other passions as well.

  25. I run a daycare out of my house. I don't blog about it very often because I like to protect the privacy of the children/parents that I work with. It is by no means a glamorous job, but it's perfect for me. I enjoy children so much more than I enjoy adults and I get paid to watch Disney Movies, sing songs, and host dance parties. I also get to be with my two year old all day, which is wonderful.

  26. you are one busy lady!

    i work in finance in the city of london (hence the irregular blog posts) and am taking insurance qualifications. i love it, but when i describe what i do most people doze off! it is not what i originally trained to do (my followers will know i went to law school) but i am so glad that it is what i have ended up doing! i also sit on the board of a charity in my spare time (i couldn't imagine not doing some type of voluntary work). outside work i live with boy in the suburbs and my favorite past-time is sleeping (to recover from my inevitably full on work week!)

    b x.


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