How To Make Espresso


Just in case you were ever too embarrassed to ever ask...

... Or have forgotten how to use it after 
a few years of pulling through the Starbucks drive-thru,

... Or maybe you were just lucky enough to have always had 
someone else make your espresso for you & never had to learn.

Whatever your excuse may be
for never learning to navigate one of these contraptions-
you now have your own guide
to making your own pot of espresso.

Here's a more detailed tutorial:

Fill the bottom up with cold water
Fill the middle section with espresso.
Screw all the pieces together.
Sit the pot on a hot stove for about five minutes.
You should hear some faint bubbling and see steam appear.
Once the bubble subsides, take a peek inside.
Your espresso will be done when the coffee stops pouring out of the center.
Remove the pot from the heat immediately.
Serve and enjoy.

Easy, delicious, cheap,
 and the perfect "shot" of Italy for your day.


  1. mmm i can't live without mine in the mornings! the gurgling and the smell IS italy to me. :)

  2. That is the absolutely best way to make expresso. I love those stylish little pots.

  3. I love my espresso, but usually wait until my daughter comes home to make it for me.... I tell her that she makes it better than I do! ;-)

  4. love these little things! i think i want to get one for my fiance for christmas he is a BIG coffee guy. xoxo jillian:: don't miss my fishs eddy dish giveaway!

  5. I don't drink coffee but sometimes I find myself having to make it for other people and I am at a total loss. Thanks for this!

  6. The best!! I have unfortunately left it and had it boil over!! But carefully attended this is indeed the best espresso!!

  7. I use my Bialetti every morning. In fact, I'm drinking my coffee from it as I write this. I just love this little guy!

  8. OK don't laugh. I have the Bialetti that makes cappaucino and I can't remember how to make it. Milk goes where? How much water? But it does look awfully cute sitting on my stove!

    xo E lizabeth


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