India: Kappa Prep

As I return to England today
after a whirlwind time here in India
I'm finishing off the guest series with Hopsy from KappaPrep.

She's just so flippin cute, isn't she?

When I asked her the big question:

What is the biggest surprise waiting for me in India?

These are a few of the great things that she had to say...
and her pictures- so lovely!

Even though I have traveled to third world countries before,
 India was certainly an eye opening experience. 

The mass poverty right next to the sheer wealth is really something else.
 {The Oberoi in Delhi is a prime example as is the Taj.}

 It really is a beautiful country filled with delightful people, 
 so much color,
and the best textiles in the world!

 India is full of color,
 mass chaos found in the stores,
my favorite Indian staple, the elephant,
and you have to LOVE the pharmacies...
 since you do not need a prescription for ANYTHING! :)


Dang it! Didn't hit up the pharmacies in time...
though maybe I should.

My tummy feels like it may start giving way to all this spice!

Thanks for the lovely insight into India...
I wish my pictures were as cute as yours.

You are a much more fashionable traveler than I have been.
Such a lady! :)


  1. ok, after this week of india greatness, i'm thinking a trip is in order. post haste!

  2. Great pictures and need to hop over to read her blog! Hope you have a safe trip home!

  3. I can't imagine seeing the Taj Mahal in person - amazing. Definitely a bucket-list experience!

  4. I love India, it's one of the most fascinating places I have been, and you are right the best textiles!

  5. Welcome homes, rest up!


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