Monday Moods: I feel... green

I'm green!

Not green with envy...

Or "green" because I love to recycle...
(though I do love to recycle!)

And I don't feel green
 because I'm car sick from all these windy Indian roads...

And I'm definitely not feeling green
 because of a sudden influx of the big bucks.

Just plain green.

It's hard not to feel green in India during the monsoon,
everything is so lush and lively.

I think you'd like it here!

how now brown  cow? 

even ants love chocolate! cocoa plants on a spice farm.

no make up. no touching up the arm chub. no judging. :)

i keep looking for the swiss family robinson. no luck yet. will keep you posted.
definitely tastes better out of a bottle.

women sell these flowers along the road to wrap in their hair as shampoo is expensive in rural areas.
they smell like lilies.. and cost around $0.80!

still no sign of swiss family robinson. the search continues.

as goa was settled by portuguese, it's architecture & religion is heavily influenced in this way.
this is us exploring a famous cathedral (?!) in goa named st. francis xavier.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Looks the bridge...beautiful pics.

  2. Yay for some pics! You look great, like you are having a wonderful holiday!

  3. Jealous! Looks like you are having an AMAZING time!

  4. Oh my goodness, India!! these photos are so so gorgeous, as are you my dear. Enjoy your trip!!

  5. i love your suit and your little head wrap! what an amazing time so far! i love it all!

  6. what the heck ever, you look adorable! those ants look kinda scary big. everything looks just amazing though!

  7. You are so gorgeous! Love all these photos and I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time.

  8. I've been dying to visit Goa and these pictures give me all the proof I need that it's truly a magical place... Glad you're feeling great and green!

  9. Stunning - just stunning!!! I'm green with envy! :)

  10. India looks amazing!!! On another note, the bangle arrived today! Thank you so much!


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