Sick Day Essentials

My mom & dad were here in Italy 
with us last week,
it was great.

We were really sad to see them go,
but were even sadder to hear
that they both caught pneumonia on the flight home.

I would call that a "worst case scenario."

They have been sick for so long,
and are hopefully now on the mend.

So while they are both homebound,
here is my guide to getting better
and trying to keep some sanity.

laura mercier pistachio bubble bath | 30 rock dvds | restoration hardware linens | tea-for-two teapot | girlscout cookies 

I hope they get well soon...
and if you're feeling under the weather,
same to you!

Remember to take care of your bodies, friends...
because being sick is sooo not fun.

Get that extra hour of sleep instead of blogging,
wash your hands throughout the day (airports & planes are germ farms),
stay hydrated (especially if you are flying)
& eat healthy  food that helps your body fight off the junk!


  1. So sorry to hear they caught pneumonia on the plane but that is one of the absolute worst things about flying - being a prisoner in the germ factory!! Hope they'll be on the mend soon - I've had pneumonia - not fun!! Loving all your nurturing suggestions!!

  2. Oh poor souls, what a holiday memento.

    Oh and I only spent a year as a beauty editor - I hated that job, it was the most boring thing I had ever done!

  3. Thats horrible! I so hope they are on the mend soon, hate flying and that is just one of the many many reasons. Hope they feel better and I do love your essentials if you have to be sick ,you might as well be sick in style and with some delicous tidbits by your bedtable!

  4. pneumonia? that's just awful! aside from having a case of the "voms", pneumonia and flying does not sound very comfortable. hope they get well very soon! i'm so going to have to indulge in some restoration hardware sheets when we get our new cal-king mattress. i'm also a fan of all of Westin's "Heavenly" collection. samoas and thin mints. my two favorite girl scout cookies ever!!

  5. Sorry to hear that dear. Hope they feel better real soon!

  6. That's awful. When we took a train from Paris to Nice several years ago, I started vomiting my head off. I literally spent the 3 days we were in Nice with my head in a toilet. It was horrible...nothing worse than being sick in midst of traveling.

  7. Goo that's the worst! Hope they feel better! Also, is it bad that those cookies are making my mouth water even though I just had lunch?

  8. I remember the 14 hour flight home from Paris and feeling my body slowly falling into sickness. It was a weird feeling to be like "Oh, and now the chills start..."
    Hope you parents get better soon. And 30 Rock? Best show ever!

  9. That's too crazy! I caught pneumonia on my flight home from Italy in April...weird germy Italian airports I guess (though a tiny price to pay for a beautiful week in Tuscany!). Hope everyone is on the mend!

  10. ...and never eat in airports. I read about a widow who finally travelled to all those "National Geographic" spots and brought her own granola when she was unable to identify the cuisine. I think it makes perfect sense when traveling. I do hope your parents are feeling better.

    My MIL got whooping cough once....traveling....and it was awful.

  11. Girl Scout Cookies! MOST Definitely!

  12. i forgot to freeze some girl scout cookies #fail.
    i hope your parents are feeling all better!

  13. Discovering 30 Rock on Netflicks was the best day ever! And now I want some girl scout cookies!

  14. haha "Get that extra hour of sleep instead of blogging" you have just prompted me to go to bed. thank you!

  15. terrible to hear about your parents but anyone would feel better just by looking at your gorgeous collage! i've just relocated from london back to the kennedy homeland of massachusetts. love your blog and have been following it for ages! xx hillary {}

  16. So sad your parents are sick :( I feel like doing your sick day survival guide even though I am not sick! bubble bath, sleep, and girl scout cookies, yes please!


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