First Day of School

Today I went back to school...
not as a student,
but to teach.

I started off the class,
went rolling through my material,
and when I was about 75% finished with my lesson
I checked the time...

It was 8:07 am.

I had been teaching for seven minutes.

It was time to slow down & pace myself...
and, luckily, I did.

The rest of the class went fine & was actually very fun...

Though I'm sure all the veteran teachers that read this
could school my efforts... Teach me your ways!

While getting up at 6 was the opposite of enjoyable,
I had forgotten my pleasure in constructing an outfit
for the first day of school.

So here is what I wore.

Like, literally.

I somehow managed to find every piece on line.

Anthropologie sweater | h&m black jersey shirt | vera wang landyn flats | milly hobo bag | h&m slim trouser | kate spade, twirl

Ok fine,
except the pretty Vera Wang shoes.

I've never seen them except on-line. 

I actually wore leopard mary-jane flats,
but I've had mine too long
and they are extinct from the interwebs.

Going back to school was so much fun.

I kept thinking of "You've Got Mail" and the idea of a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils,
and just in case you love that movie
as much as I do...


  1. CUTE outfit! So glad you had a first good day of teaching!

  2. So happy you had a great first day and love love the outfit!

  3. aaaw happy it went well! you wore your new sweater!!! :D

  4. And I do love that movie as much as you do! Cute outfit!

  5. You are the cutest teacher ever! And what do you teach? Nevermind, I'll ask you on Facebook. Suh-weeet!

  6. congrats on making it through your first day--if you looked half as pulled together as that outfit is, you ROCKED it. but seriously, that outfit is amazing! keep on keeping on...I wish I could teach! I don't have that willpower. kudos to you! have a fabulous week! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  7. was it your first class ever? how exciting! what are you teaching? when i first started it was like all the blood in my body needed to be in my cheeks and i was blushing the WHOLE time! haha. i ADORE the outfit and i'm totally high fiving on your great first day!

  8. Glad your first day went well! I used to teach and totally remember the first day jitters!! I absolutely love your outfit and that movie. I have always thought Meg Ryan's hair looked so cute in a pixie!

  9. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess you were by far the chicest teacher in school!! LOVE the whole outfit, and so happy things went so well:)

  10. That is such a perfect first day outfit! I miss picking out first day outfits - every fashion girl's favorite day! Where/what are you teaching?

  11. I DO love that movie - one of my favorites. I don't even know how many times I've seen it :)
    Congratulations on your first day of school, your outfit was super cute.
    My daughter started her last year of law school today. We celebrated her last first day of school and I ordered her a "bouquet of pencils" to mark the day :)

  12. what a gorgeous first day of school outfit! i can't wait to get into the classroom & be 'on the teacher side.' i still have a little ways left to go, but i'm practically counting down the days!

  13. Oh, your first day outfit was perfect...comfy, yet doesn't get any better!
    I'm an art teacher and I can totally relate to learning how to pace yourself, especially on the first day when the nerves and excitement are at an all time high. Glad you realized it all with 25% left to teach...but worst case scenario, I bet you would have done some brilliant improvising and been just fine!
    Happy teaching!
    xo J~

  14. I just had the biggest, goofiest grin on my face from watching that You've Got Mail clip - love it!!!

  15. OOooooo I know we've chatted via email about what you were doing with the study abroad program, are you still in that vein?? Dream life, you've got mine :) Also, if my teachers looked that adorable I'm sure I would have been more driven to want to be like them! :)

  16. I had no idea you are a teacher! Me too! Love, love, love. And your outfit was adorable, of course :) Happy first week!

  17. I love your first day of school outfit! How perfect! And also I'm sure that your lesson was amazing :) yay!

  18. I am sure the students adored you (and envied your style)! Your guest post is up on my blog today... my readers are going to love you as much as I do!! xo

  19. What are you teaching? The outfit is a perfect 1st day outfit! Pacing is key & comes with practice- at the beginning of every new school year I have to remember to not rush! I'm sure you did great though!

  20. Happy first day...I'm sure the students were psyched to have such a cool, cute and fun teacher! and did they love your accent...or is it gone now. Are you saying privacy, vitamin and schedule in that fun, quirky British way?

  21. Look at you! A chic expat school teacher... you should probably write a book on that story! : ) Congrats on the first day going well! xo

  22. I'm sure you rocked that outfit and are definitely more stylish than any nun I had in Catholic girls' school!

  23. I just watched Meg and Tom do their thing last week. It's a fall tradition for me (come winter I'll be all over Love Actually). I love me some freshly sharpened pencils...


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