Monday Moods: I feel... dismissed.

Our last week in Oxford is over...
we came back with all our friends
for one final week of classes and celebrations.

After the late night gala on Saturday night,
I woke up Sunday to the bright sunshine in the window...
and I felt a little like Lewis Carroll's Alice.

I felt like I was waking from a dream 
after spending time in a curious place...
in a wondrous place
growing endeared to interesting people 
that sometimes do things on the odder side.

As much as I want to freeze our year here,
I know it's time to keep moving...
because just like Lewis Carroll said:

"I can't go back to yesterday,
because I was a different person then."

While our life has brought us to so many different moments,
at this junction,
the only option we have it so go forward 
and take these experiences with us.

I've enjoyed too many quiet moments in grand places...

entering a party at the Rhodes House
my favorite spot in Oxford by the Radcliffe Camera
A street fair in front of CS Lewis & Tolkien's favorite spot, The Eagle & Child

too many meals over candlelight & good conversation...

Jamie Oliver's Roast Chicken is practically perfect.

too many pure friendships develop...

Just hanging out at the Rhodes House... so Clinton of us!

too many afternoons spent sitting in pubs...

The Kings Arms, where Shakespeare stayed on his travels from Stratford-Upon-Avon to London.

Birthday Parties at The Perch in the garden that inspired the Madhatter's Tea Party

too many moments enjoying it just being "us..."

and way too many Coffee-Oreo milkshakes
from Moo Moo's in Oxford's Covered Market.

While we are sad to leave,
we are thankful for the lifetime we've lived
over the past year in Oxford!

Farewell, Oxford...
It's been enchanting!

London, you'll have some big shoes to fill!


  1. what a lovely year that you had! i have no doubt you will love london too :) stay positive and think happy thoughts! youre about to start another great adventure! ;) xo

  2. what an incredible experience for you both!

  3. Wow, what a great year you have had! The future is very bright for you and I'm sure London will be just as amazing!

  4. Oh goodness! What a beautifully written post. I have to say that you made the most out of living there and did not waste any time or moments. I love that half of the photos your husband is in a tux. That's awesome!

  5. oh wow - loved every bit of this! you and your hubby live such full lives. i love it and find it so inspiring! seems like you are going from one amazing place to another. :)

  6. What an amazing experience to have had, I love the pictures of your husband - I can see you two in politics some day!

  7. So many adventures ahead of you - and so many wonderful memories behind you! Good luck in London! I'm heading there at the end of the month for a weekend visit - I can't wait! Might need to get some tips from you :)

  8. such an adventure you've had - and another on the way! :)

  9. I love the last two pictures ;)
    I remember the end of grad school (between Singapore and France) and it was like the end of a crazy dream. But there are always more adventures my dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. Your post has me in tears - again - this year has been so super fabulous - cannot wait for blessed to look forward to more fab adventures with you guys xx

  11. I almost feel a little sad with you -- it has been so fun reading about your adventures in Oxford! Best wishes in London. On to the next, right? Hugs!

  12. Oh. My. God. That looks like the Hogwarts dining room. I would love to have dinner there!

  13. It looks like it was a truly wonderful year! I am sure the two of you will be back to visit many times. Such a great experience. You just always look so put together and gorgeous! xo


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