Under the Covers: iPhone Fashion

The bag you carry says a lot about who you are.

Maybe it doesn't reflect your worth
(since we can't all carry the Birkin we deserve),
but it does say something about our priorities.

While a bag can tell a story,
the main item we typically tote is our phone.

My phone could tell you everything about me.

What I've eaten for the past week in pictures.
A calendar of what I'm doing.
Received calls from loved ones-
missed calls from the people I want to avoid.

We kinda divulge a lot about who we are
with those little things, don't we?

When the cover on mine started to fall apart,
I tried to hold off on buying a new one
for the sake of being too cheap & too busy.

I didn't want to jump into anything...
but when the Scotch tape holding the fabric up was no longer sticking,
I decided it was time to look for it's replacement.

{After all, I have to take care of this thing. It's my money maker. ha!}

There are so many great covers available...
and they can allow your phone to say a lot about who you are.

If you can dream it up-
it most likely exists.

After an afternoon scouring the internet
and Pinterest, I brought you back some of my favorites.

jonathan adler iphone cases | jonathan adler plumes case

I love Jonathan Adler's iPhone cases- so cheeky & bright!

Kate Spade's collection of iPhone cases are amazing. How great is that newspaper print?

Chilewich was luring me in, but I decided to not copy my friend Laura...
because no one likes to be ripped off, right?

cath kidston iphone cases

My inner-Brit kept bringing me back to Cath Kidston's classic designs.

Something about the faux-wood seemed cool and modern. Reminded me of something
my friend, Beth, of Hello Splendor would have.

But I finally settled on this lovely by Society 6.

Something about it reminds me of Degas...
I love that it's bright yet cool...
and girly but not flowery...
and, well, I just think it's purdy.


  1. Confession: I sometimes want an iPhone because the covers are so fun. I have a smart phone that slides. No covers for me.

  2. i have the wooden one and a jonathan adler one which is what i ultimately settled on. the wooden one is a little bulky and my marc jacobs one covered too much of the speaker on the front, which is why i love the jonathan adler one. it's essentially just on the back of the phone. i love the one you picked! it is purdy.

  3. I'm so glad you found my blog and left a comment, because it led me to your wonderful blog! Thank you! Your blog is lovely, I'm so happy to have found it :)

  4. I'm in love (like pure, true love) with the Kate Spade iPhone covers and I really want one. I'm just waiting until I can upgrade from my 3Gs to an iphone4. I love love love the newspaper one!

  5. So many great choices. I have no cover at the moment as my husband dropped my phone and the case cracked (exactly why I should have one again). My old one was totally plain and clear - wonder what that says about me?!

  6. Your cover is so pretty! I got the polka dot Kate Spade one- I figured its cheaper than a purse, right?

  7. I just don't understand the need for these, I think Steve Jobs did a great job on it begin with! But I do like that Kate Spade one - a lot!

  8. i loooove the last one! makes me wish i had an iphone.. #fail.

  9. Great pics- I love the KS leopardy one...I'm actually previewing a fabulous line of cases tomorrow...maybe you'll see something else you like:)

  10. Those covers are all so amazing! I have a Blackberry and the covers for those are just not nearly as cool. I definitely like your choice!

  11. you said cheeky.

    someone has been living in england for awhile...
    and that american is me..

    and you.

  12. You know I'm all about the Kate Spade! xo

  13. Love the Kate Spade, and Society 6 covers.


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