Four Sale- Parisian Flats!

Here they are...
now available to the first four readers who want them.

{These puppies are what Pinterest dreams are made of.}

I have one pair of 37's (UK 4, US 6) 


.... one pair of 38's (UK 5/ US 7)


... one pair of 39's (UK 6/ US 8)


& one pair of 40's (UK 7/ US 9)


From my experience:
I typically wear a 9.5 and the 40 fits me great... 

These are, obviously, horrible iPhone images. Please refer to the photos above for accurate color matching.

The shoes are £15.

{This covers the price of the shoe & the shipping materials.}

Email me with any questions.

*Please consider these carefully before purchasing, as I can not issue refunds. 
**Also, please remember, I am promising these shoes to be adorable- not built by master Italian cobblers. Please don't buy these if you are looking for an investment item for your closet. They are only £15, after all.
*** If you've purchased a FOUR SALE item, and have not received it- PLEASE email me,  
I would like to make right any items that have been lost via the post.


  1. I am SO EXCITED to give these to my sister! Thanks :)

  2. This is the best start to my day- totally snatched up a pair!

  3. Are there any 40s left? I love them!

  4. Are there any 39s left??? They're so cute!

  5. Darling!!!! Love the red plus bow!
    xoxo E

  6. omg. so tempting. if those size 6's don't go today will you email me, tweet me, FB me or any other way to let me know? or i'll just come back and see. double bows and sparkle?! sheesh.

  7. These are DARLING! I am obsessed with these! :) Perfect Parisian flats!

  8. Adorable!! Lots of personality in those shoes.....

  9. oh Love! Where are they from??
    SO excited about the party! when are we talking about it properly? xoxo


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