I see London... I see France.

As I have already mentioned,
we are in Paris this weekend with our best friends.

With a weather forecast of sunny, 0% chance of rain, & a high of 68...
we have the perfect setting for a weekend
that builds some pretty good memories...
and some provides some pretty "in seine" photo ops.

{Because isn't that the point of traveling anyway?}

I wish you could come with us.

We really would have some fun, wouldn't we?

We could picnic along the Seine at sunset...
my favorite "local spot" to eat in France.

We could see some art...
some classic, some whimsical.

We could admire Tyler for being so cute...
{Fine, I'll take that one for myself. Just smile & nod.}

We would definitely eat our body weight
in butter, pastries, baguettes, macarons, & steak-frites...
because, well, scientists have absolutely not proven that 52% of the cultural experience
is collected through flour & butter when traveling in through France.

Regardless of what we did,
I know we'd have a good time.

How could you not in a place like Paris?

Wish you were here!


  1. Wish I was there too! Have a fabulous time! xo

  2. What an exceptional trip to have experienced. Did you fly or take the train from Oxford? I ask because I will be in Oxford touring the University to attend graduate school next year and will travel to Holland to meet a friend and from there we will meet up with another friend in Paris. Any Suggestions? Thank you.

  3. That "in seine" joke just reaffirms why I read your blog everyday. So perfect. We could totally be friends.

  4. I love this post! I totally feel like I'm right there with you, eating and talking along the Seine and enjoying the perfect weather. Sigh...

  5. oooh I would love to join you one day! Have a great time!

  6. Stunning! Thanks for giving us a little taste of Paris!

    *smile and nod

    Loving your blog by the way!

  7. looks like yall are having the BEST time!! love all thse pictures!! xoxo

  8. Wish I was there too! French pastries are the best, but everything Paris is just spectacluar!

  9. I wish I were there too! Glad one of us got to enjoy it. Your photos are lovely and I love getting to see your smiling face and yes... you and Tyler make a very good looking couple! xo

  10. I love the pictures. I'm going to pretend I'm there with you instead of studying for midterms!

  11. Have a great time! Those pics brought me back to my trip there this summer and my first street crepe. :)

  12. So wish I was there, too... there's nothing like a perfect fall day in Paris (especilly when accompanied by crepes with Nutella and jambon buerre on a baguette!)

  13. I didn't love Paris the first time I went, but I think that had something to do with the company and the mood. I have a feeling when I go again (and I will!) with people (or a person) I love, it will be totally different.

    Although NOTHING beats those twinkling Eiffel Tower lights :)

  14. paris!! o wow!! loving the pix!! looks like a gr8 time!!


  15. I totally wish me and hubby could crash this fun partayyyy:)
    What a beautiful place with so many cool things to do! thanks for sharing the pics!


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