A Nice {Bling} To It.

The holidays are great, aren't they?

Superficially speaking,
There are tons of parties...
allowing you to see everyone you like...
giving you gifts & feeding you decadent meals...
and allowing you to wear an amount of sparkle 
that would draw judgement & alarm 
during the previous months of the year.

{Though my friends may warn you I push this limit on a daily basis.}

Since the Christmas lights are being put up 
on Oxford Street here in London,
I'm starting to dream up my holiday wardrobe.

Forget the sugarplums,
I'm having visions of these beauties!

silver lining dress | jack spade iPhone cover  | tom ford, violet blonde |
sparkle flats | earrings | burberry sequin trench | all links available here


  1. oh god, those SHOES. they are like princess shoes for grown-ups. must. have.

  2. oh, my this sequin Trench is just a dream! Happy Dreamy Holidays, sweets! ;)

  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE that dress! It's so simple and elegant and the bow is lovely! Something Kate Middleton would Totally Wear! Those shoes are cute and perfect too along with the earrings. You my friend, have FABULOUS fashion sense! :D


  4. You always sparkle and shine!

  5. Love all your picks. The burberry sequin trench is perfect!

  6. I love those shoes and that coat!! :)

  7. LOVE this outfit. So me. amazing post, love. if you get a second, please check out my JewelMint photo shoot. Love to hear what you think. xo


  8. I need a pair of shoes like that! Hopefully they're comfortable!

  9. I'm starting to think of what outfit to wear for our annual Christmas party- its definitely part of the excitement of the holidays! Glad I'm not the only one planning ahead!

  10. I just read about that Tom Ford perfume in the new In Style and was curious how it smells? I love his bottling, so pretty and classic

  11. OMG I lOOOOOVE YOUR IDEA OF HOLIDAY DRESSING!! Perfect lady like femininity with a little bling in all the right places and helloooo what could be more glamorous than being in London for the holidays!!!! Rest up because it sounds like you have a smashing good time ahead of you!

  12. i am beyooooooooond in love with everything above!

  13. I really love that dress! I pinned it before but I can't stop thinking about it..lovely! You have a really great blog, this is my first time here and I love it! Totally going to become a follower! xoxo

  14. There's no link to the dress on the pinboard :(

  15. i LOVE that dress!! where did you find it?! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams


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