Lake it or Leave It: The Lakes District

When you hear the Lakes District 
what do you think of?

Most people say Jane Austen.

If that's what you think, you're in good company...
because I would, too!

Even though Jane & me aren't as close as I would like,
seeing how she is kinda, well, dead and all,
I can only assume that we would be kindred spirits 
in our shared appreciation of this amazing area.

While I will never know {for sure} that Jane & me 
would see eye-to-eye on the beauty of the Lakes District...
I can ask you, my friend,
Is this place not gorgeous?

If you want to travel to the Lakes District,
here is what I would recommend.

I love staying in the town of Ambleside

Great location in the Lakes District
with cozy {& affordable} rooms...

Eat breakfast at Ambleside's Apple Pie Bakery...
and don't feel guilty about having it's namesake {with ice cream} for breakfast.

Visit Wordsworth's house in Grasmere, Dove Cottage...
find yourself inspired like one of the Lakes Poets by the stunning views.

and while you're in Grasmere, 
 try a bite of gingerbread from 
it's birthplace-

It is an afternoon (teatime) delight!

Spend half a day exploring the waterside town of Windemere...

I love the small bakeries, tea rooms... 
and it's endless supply of charity shops!

Renting a boat on the Lake will fulfill all your stereotypes 
of a visit to the Lakes.

While you are in the Lakes District,
make a stop by Beatrix Potter's preserved home, Hilltop Farm...

and make it a priority to have lunch at the wonderfully delicious pub next door, 

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. this looks positively dreamy!!! another destination to add to the list... we might never move back home! haha

  2. Oh totally on the to do within the next 3 months list - next time, take me with you!!!

  3. Love this story you have woven......beautiful and what a fairytale of a place, did you feel like you stepped back in time? Come on, just fess up were you even for a minute pretending to BE Jane? (I admittedly have done it myself if feeling so inspired after wathcing a movie/reading a book)

    Just stunning!!

  4. Wow, I've never been before it looks stunning.

  5. That place looks like a photographers dream!! And I'm pretty sure Jane and I would have been BFF's back in the day...:)

  6. Oh my goodness these pictures are incredible. So beautiful!!

  7. i really really want to go there, how did you get there and how long did you stay?
    dinner next week? xo

  8. Beautiful! Can we trade lives for a week? You can deal with high schoolers & I can travel to fun places around England. It sounds like a good deal, right?

  9. Glad to know I'm not the only one who wishes I could be friends with Jane Austen. I definitely think we would be biffles. Those pictures are amazing - I love any place with lots of water!

  10. Beautiful pictures, definitely will be adding to my "to go" list!! (I'll even be sure to bring along Wordsworth!) Hope you have a wonderful day xoxo

  11. OH beyond lovely. I want to go to there.

    Great photos {as always} and my favorite line of the entire post:

    "Even though Jane & me aren't as close as I would like,
    seeing as how she is kinda, well, dead and all,
    I can only assume that we would be kindred spirits"

  12. Sounds like an incredibly enchanting weekend get-a-way! Beautiful photos!

  13. WHAT?! Ms. Potter lives in the Lake District?!!! That's it! I'm definitely going now. Did you see the movie with Renee Zellwegger?

    I need to go back to England stat! Oh my goodness, I just love you and your blog!

  14. I went to Alnwick and toured the castle during my trip to England in April. It is incredible and the first Harry Potter movie was filmed there. I then conducted extensive research on George Percy, the heir to the Duke of Northumberland (whose seat is Alnwick Castle) and discovered that he is good friends with Pippa Middleton. It's a beautiful place, you should definitely check it out and have afternoon tea in the beautiful towne centre.

  15. Yep, totally think of Jane. A girlfriend of mine (who's a fellow Jane lover) and I want to plan a UK trip specifically to to the Lake District! I'm totes sending her this guide. :)

  16. I am totally bookmarking this and referencing it when I finally make it over to Europe. By the way, my daughter's middle name is Jayne, for Jane Austen...although my husband would only agree to it if I added the "y". But I don't mind. : )

  17. I've never been to the lakes (can you believe?! poor effort on my part!) but this post has me booking a train and going like, yesterday! xx

  18. Im a Brit living in America desperately needing a trip home to reminisce my childhood & this post was the perfect reminder of the amazing things I miss and adore. Next time you must try the Kendal Mint, amazing!

  19. It's been 11 years since I visited England. My favorite place was the Lake District. I've been wanting to go back ever since I left. Maybe next year........

  20. Ahhh! I just found out I am going to study abroad in London next semester (I live in Texas!)!!! Aaaaaand, this is one of the places we are going during spring break! :) So cool :D And now I am even more obsessed with your blog! ;)

  21. Thanks for this post with really great suggestions. I'm just itching to visit the Lake District and hope to this summer. My hubby and I took a trip to the Peak District last summer, and I highly recommend doing that, if you haven't yet.


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