A Pipe Dream Christmas

Err, Thanksgiving isn't really celebrated in England.

With the exception for the mad rush  
by the American ex-pat community
to Whole Foods on High Street Kensington...
most inhabitants of the UK blindly ignore this Thursday.

While we will pause to celebrate with our American friends,
I do feel that living on the original side of the Mayflower's journey
and in a land void of Pumpkin Spice Lattes or desserts... 
I fall exempt from the
"I will not acknowledge Christmas until Thanksgiving is over" rule.

Which, by the way, I think that is a hilarious argument... 
it's like equal rights for holidays.

Do people, like, honestly care?

Can't we all just celebrate whatever we want, whenever we want...
& skip the passive aggressive facebook statuses?

{Though I do feel "thankful" for facebook's "hide' feature in such cases...}

But anyway,
back to the topic:

As someone who is exempt from the post-Thanksgiving-celebration laws,
I've already started window shopping.

I'm awful.

Before you judge, please know this:
I live directly off Oxford Street
- the epicenter of charming Christmas retail -
and the absence of Thanksgiving 
already has us in full holiday swing here.

These types of visions really can't be avoided.

And I mean, 
if you're gonna make a Christmas list the first week of November
and offend people for your non-chronological celebrating...
you might as well shoot for the stars and go big, right?

So, without further adieu,
I present my Fantasy Christmas List...
complete with $19,000 earrings.

Or for any of the Thanksgiving purists out there,
I'll happily take any of these in November.

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  1. haha! if thanksgiving doesn't exist there then you can imagine the stares i get here when i say i have to take work off that day to cook a turkey...i'm already planning too! because let's face it, it's FUN! :) happy holidays!
    marissa @ the boot

  2. Oh, I am dying to visit London and Oxford street... is it everything I imagine? I'll take a pair of those earrings too! xo

  3. I was in London for Thanksgiving one year. My little sister came over, and I made her bring Stove Top (poor substitute for Mom's homemade stuffing) and canned pumpkin for pumpkin pie. The difficulties came in looking for turkey, cranberry sauce and a pie crust. But we substituted chicken for turkey and found everything else at Sainsbury's FINALLY and it was better than nothing :)
    And I was able to find the Pumpkin Spice AND Gingerbread lattes at Starbucks in SoHo when I lived there, do they not do those anymore?? Sads! :(

  4. I celebrate Thanksgiving but even I am ready for Christmas, I love it way too much. And I would happily take any of your goodies

  5. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October which means I've been waiting a LONG time to get excited for Christmas! I've refrained from any Christmas themed movies, songs or treats (so far - go me!) I must admit, I have begun to compile my Christmas list though. Up until now it's been void of $19,000 earrings but that may have to change

  6. Ready for Christmas too! we celebrate Christmas in October!!! ... Loving that jacket!! xo HHL

  7. I've never really thought about the Christmas before Thanksgiving thing from the other side…that's it's not a big deal. I guess because I grew up hearing that Christmas decor doesn't go up before Thanksgiving it's just how I assume it goes everywhere. But you're right…it ain't no thang! I too love the hide feature on FB! :) One good thing about having a birthday around Thanksgiving is that you can start you wish lists early and carry them into Christmas. LOVE the earrings and the coat.

  8. So.... I pick all the music and Church and you BEST BELIEVE we are singing Christmas hymns starting this week. Muahahahahahahaha!

    I'll get you those Barney earrings if you let me live your fabulous life. Deal?

  9. I love your Christmas list, I want those earrings too! I just heard about the Thanksgiving law suit yesterday (I don't Facebook much) and I thought it was a joke but no, and how ridiculous! Now we need laws telling us when to celebrate what if anything? Too many lawyers with too much time on their hands!

  10. Hilarious post. I'm completely with you, I would put my Christmas tree up in October if I could (in fact, I asked the boy if we could, but he put his foot down). I love Thanksgiving just as much though...I start thinking about what to cook around July. :)

    Sidenote: this post made me think about how in Love Actually, doesn't the story begin 21 days before Christmas? I can't remember exactly, but it's definitely not months ahead. I wonder what Americans would've thought if the stories had begun 6 weeks before Christmas. Blasphemy!

  11. Sort of feeling this could be my Christmas list! Those pink earrings..the Liberty lined Barbour (my son wears a Barbour to school every day) and I can never tire of Graphic Image.

    Wishing you were going to celebrate Thxgiving in Dallas so I could finally meet you. I'm excited to spend the week there. My brother is hosting - am just hoping for some Tex Mex at Fernando's and lunch at the Mermaid Bar. Crazy how I focus my energies around the food while i'm there - but a girl misses what a girl misses!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. Oh my gosh, I miss living in London at Christmastime! Every year I wish myself back there (and Oxford Street in particular, haha) and put up a picture of the tree in Trafalgar Square as my desktop.

    Have fun Christmas-ing in the most magical city!

  13. Love this post, your reference to hiding things on faceook, and the Barbour jacket! Being jewish, I have also decided that I have the right to be excited for the holidays whenever I please, even more when hanukah falls right at the end of thanksgiving, this year it is sadly intertwined with christmas, but who cares!
    xo emily

  14. loved this post! I was wondering if I was exempt from the "don't celebrate Christmas until Thanksgiving is over" rule now that we're in Amsterdam. I'm pretty darn tempted to start listening to Christmas tunes. For some reason I feel guilty doing it until after Thanksgiving, but then I realize how ridiculous that is! Also, Sinterklaus is coming to town on Sunday (on a boat from Spain, do you know that story?) so I'm pretty sure after I catch a glimpse of him I am more than okay to start celebrating the greatest holiday of all! :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  15. We are secretly putting up our tree this weekend...GASP! Don't tell anyone!!! And I may or may not have been listening to Michael Buble's new Christmas album for a week now. I can't help it. I love Christmas!!

  16. I'm tiptoeing towards Christmas, but between a vacation and crazy business at work, thanksgivings going to come and go before I know it! Also... Did you know the Kensington store is the largest WFM in the entire company? I work in the third largest store, and constantly hear how big/amazing that store is :)


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