Somewhere Out There

Thanksgiving was great.

I cooked my first turkey...
and, I have to say in a proud cry,
 it was delicious!

Thank you to everyone who offered such great help:
You taught me the merits of brining,
and for that- I am forever grateful.

Plus, I had my brother & sister-in-law here,
and that made it even better.

As my hectic semester comes to an end,
I'm finally having time to breathe 
and think beyond a minute-to-minute basis.

The snooze button on my imagination is turned off,
and I'm starting to scheme & 
plot the next round of adventures ahead of us.

Like a week climbing up to the to of Scotland....

Spending a few weeks in Texas with family & friends...

photo by Kevin Dotolo

Celebrating a special anniversary in the Big Apple....

Planning to spend a springtime in Paris....

And the possibility of seeing a lot more of this place.

Just when I start to think we're calming down, 
I realize-
we are just gearing up for more!

We are gluttons for punishment, I tell ya.

(Glorious, jet-lagged punishment!)

 I'm so thankful to have someone to enjoy it with,
our health that allows us to accomplish it all,
and you to share it with.

Because it really does make it all the more fun.


  1. more India!? you have to tell me all about it on Tuesday!!

  2. I'll take your punishment any day!! Looks like fun!

  3. this post is making me crazy with wanderlust! what an exciting life!

  4. Gah! Can we please switch places? You can come teach class to little ballerinas and I will go and live a fabulous life abroad. I love that you are just doing so much and planning so much.

  5. I'm soooooo jealous of your travelling adventures...can't wait to follow along and live vicariously through you:)

  6. Cheers to another year filled with fun and travel! How fun. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. I don't think that sounds like punishment at all - I think that sounds AMAZING.

  8. Let me know when you're in NY! Come to a taping of my show! (It's only a few blocks from the Grays Papaya on the UWS!)

  9. Congrats on cooking your first turkey (I did my first one this year too!).
    It's definitely an accomplishment!

  10. I LOVE all of the traveling y'all are getting to do! No, the jet-lag will not be fun, but the memories and experiences are always worth it. So exciting! I can't wait to hear the stories and see pics.


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