It's Friday... And that is awesome.

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Winter hibernation has arrived.

Shorter daylight hour are upon us in England,
and it has made me lethargic in an epic way.

Luckily, Tyler is working from home right now
and we are relishing in the luxury of sleeping a bit later
and watching a bit more TV 
than a doctor might recommend for a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking of sleeping well...
do any of you sleep with a sleep mask?

I just started, and I'm sleeping like a queen.
It's actually revolutionary.... I dare you to try it.

The lazier schedule is also allowing me time 
to meet for tea with my charmy-pants friend, Tammy,
in cute tea shops, like Betty Blythe in Kensington.
{Which I found in my nifty guide- Tea & Cake, London.}

There really is something to be said for catching up
over a cup of tea (with milk & sugar!)
and eating a giant hunk of lemon drizzle cake.

Why don't doctor's prescribe things like that?

I've also had time to hang out with blogger friends 
at meetings over dinner (hey, Helena!)
X-Factor Finale parties (hey, Amber!)
& the London Blogger Party (hey, everyone!)

And I've also been thinking about Paris,
and all the food I am going to eat when I'm there.

I mean, 3 months in Paris?

I'm gonna be busting out of my clothes by the time I get back...
at least, if things go as I plan.

I'm hoping to construct a wardrobe 

So, yes, this has basically been 
one of the better weeks of my life.

What do you start dreaming of when you're locked indoors?

*PS. I'm actually still working during all of this from home. 
I just have a bit more time freed up since my semester is over. :)


  1. Oh I can't sleep without a mask on.
    I'm going to be in London after all now, but its our anniversary on the 12th, so I can't really scoot away!

  2. Jealous, jealous, jealous-three months in Paris? Yes, please!

  3. that sleeping mask is stunning!

    xx Kathryn

  4. I'm totally terrified to sleep with a mask on. I need to be able to open my eyes in case of an Emergency. Dramatic, I know. Enjoy your extra time together! Sounds wonderful. Paris for 3 months?! My envy just came back.

    p.s. I wish my eyes would go bad so I could buy some Warby Parkers!

  5. This post made my day, your cheery tone seemed to be perfect for a weekend kick-off :) My roommate has been sleeping with a mask on the past couple of weeks, I wonder if that has something to do with my late night and early morning blogging endeavors... You will have such a phenomenal time in Paris, I am sooo jealous! I will be able to grace England for a couple of weeks in May for a class trip for school. We are studying British Images and will be making pit stops in Liverpool, London, and Manchester! I might have to send you an email to see if you have any recommendations!! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend Toodles, Twirling Clare

  6. I really want to do nothing but cozy up and watch TV all day- it's a bit of a problem I think...ah well- I'm so going to try the mask. And how did I miss that you're going to Paris for 3 months? SOOOOO jealous!!

  7. Well, it's 10:45 and I just got out of bed sooo....

  8. Sounds blissful! Cant wait to meet you at the blogger party! xx

  9. The way you right Post is so romantic!! It such a pleasure to read your posts! Seriously!!) I hope you had a fabulous week. I've got a new post on how to Lose Weight Fast before Christmas. Love to hear what you think. Xo


  10. Only time I have slept with a mask on is when I have been on a plane....anything to remind me I am not on a plane, lol.
    Sounds like life is good, anything that allows you to slow down a bit, enjoy quality time with those you love, more time to sleep and relax....its all good!

  11. Sometimes I also just love being lazy and doing nothing inside! Sounds especially perfect since your hubby is also at home :) Enjoy the cold weather!


  12. That's the first time I've been described as 'charmy pants' - at least to my knowledge!! ;). Of course I love the Christmas pud cross stitch the most!! I hope your next post is going to be all about your Sunday trip to oxford. Have fun


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