Grab Bag Winner

Attention, please.
Attention, please.

Ladies & Gentlemen...

Congratulations Katie for winning the giveaway.

I'll be shipping you
this Kate Spade cosmetic case from NYC,
this yellow scarf's twin from Oxford,
a tin of English candies,
some bright Indian bangles,
and a really cool Indian ashtray....
which I, a non-smoker, bought because it was so cool.

Thanks for all your love the past few days...
I really hope I didn't sound too dramatic.

Just as much as I love being connected to social media,
I value my rare face-time with people so much more...
and this was a good week to be logged off.

Thanks for all your kind words. 
I think you are pretty awesome.


  1. Off topic, but had to say that I'm loving the new look here! And the photo in your Meet the Author section is just darling!

    Oh, and cheers to loving Roald Dahl!

  2. Urgh! I wanted to win so badly! If I send you a box of American goodies how about we do a trade? Okay, maybe not so awesome since you're in America right now. Oh well.
    Hope all is well with your family. I saw the salad. I want that salad, Martha. That is, Martha Stewart. I adore the new layout.

  3. Thanks so much, so excited to win!! What an amazing group of prizes! :)

  4. These photos are gorgeous!!



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