Paris in Black & White

Our friend, Ali, came to visit this weekend.

Ali works at Oxford...
she's brilliant, clever & stylish
 in the most perfect English way.

She also throws one heck of a Robert Burns night.

Not only do I feel smarter after being around Ali,
but she has the most amazing circle of friends
that I get to glean off when I'm with her.

This weekend, Ali showed me around Paris.

Yes, that's right...
even though I am technically the one living here.

She's just cool like that.

Ali took us the Musee Rodin
to see Rodin's famous bronze statues...

Since the museum was closed and only the gardens were open,
we were let in to roam for free.... we had such a good time,
we stopped for lunch in the garden cafe. Yum.

we took a quick lap around Les Invalides ...

headed toward the iconic tower 
you may know as "La Tour Eiffel..."

broke for tea at the anthropological museum, Le Quai Branly,
which might possibly be my new favorite spot for afternoon lounging...

and went on a walk highlighting the French Revolution with Ali's friend, Clea...
a Canadian grad from Oxford who's an attorney in Paris.

{Yes, as a matter of fact, I did feel like a total ding-dong sitting beside these two women.}

We ate, we laughed, 
we talked about topics that made my brain swell...
and all-in-all, we had such a good time.

It made me miss my friends and our life in England.

I do love that place and the people we know...
daily life is so pleasant there.

But for the time being, 
I'm quite enjoying this place, too.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Luckily my chums are all low achievers like myself!

  2. I loved la Musee Rodin, and I still can't get over that you're actually living in Paris! What a dream come true. And it's nice to know that you're still exploring your new city. Have fun my dear!


  3. I love the purse you are wearing! Who makes it? Great blog.


  4. I remember living in Fort Wayne, Indiana meeting someone from another town who knew more about Fort Wayne than I did...and I'd lived there all my life!

  5. Hold the phone- you know a Canadian lawyer working in Paris? More details please! I've been trying so hard to convince my husband to get a law job in Paris but he doesn't think it's possible. I'm like, "but you HAVE TO!"

    PS... freakishly amazing photos. You need to be Paris' spokeswoman.

  6. These photos make me want to jump on a plane & visit! Love all these posts, you're going to be making me jealous all spring!

  7. I've probably said this 21908 times, but you are living the dream my friend!

  8. Loved this post. You hit several favorite places of mine, including le Musee Branly. Did you try the restaurant inside the museum, Les Ombres? The food is delicious and you get the best views of the Eiffel Tower from most tables... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. your life sounds like a dream right now.

  10. so lovely! the musee rodin is such a treat! i love that it's his house ;) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  11. Gorgeous photos! Living in Paris must be a dream.

  12. Lovely photos! And I highly doubt that you seemed like a ding dong to anyone ;)

  13. The Rodin museum is the best! It truly trumps seeing Rodin sculptures anywhere else in the world. My good friend recommended visiting Musée de L'Orangerie last time I was in Paris and it did not disappoint. It's at the end of the tuileries, opposite of the Louvre. Not very big, but the Monet panoramics are quite impressive.


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