A few of my favorite {scenes}...

What is today?

Monday, Wednesday? Thursday?

As I write this I have no clue.

My days are one big to-do list right now
of projects, emails, grading & planning.

{Editor's note: add "look at calendar" to to-do list.}

I'm just trying to start at the very beginning
and work my way down.

It's a very good place to start, afterall.

I have no complaints.

Being busy is, most of the time, a good thing,
but after all the thinking...
I just need to clear my head a bit.

And the best way to clear my head?

An escape to the country?

Clear my head by shopping?

Not today.

Today I need to close the laptop,
grab some popcorn (french splurge!)
and watch a movie that I love.

Nothing could be better...
say, "Hey! Alligator!"

*all images are sourced through my pinterest board, scene superior.


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  2. It appears as though we have a fondness for some very similar films!

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

  3. A gown day!

    Odd I was just thinking what a fun day to watch 3 of my favorite movies.

    Just thinking of which 3 is a happy endeavor.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day! Except I'm at work and now just want to sit and watch Amelie.

  5. I only recently watched Amelie...I can't believe it took me this long to watch it!

  6. I like your plans for the day. Wish I could follow in your footsteps. I would not change a thing except maybe the popcorn. 16 years in the States, and I still can't stand the smell of bad popcorn in movie theaters (or the sound of fellow audience members chewing on it!) ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. The Sound of Music is my all time favorite movie! All time favorite. I'm with you though girl, my list looks almost just like that. I wish I could just sit in the sun outside and blog ALL DAY. But I can't. Oh well! Good luck accomplishing all your tasks! I'm pulling for you!

  8. Movie mental breaks are very necessary on to-do list days. Enjoy!

  9. Haha! I freakin love the Parent Trap! That was my most favorite movie growing up! I'm always curious about your to do lists. I feel like they would be the following: travel to the most beautiful places on earth, eat the most delicious foods, and have the most awesome smile. Check and check.

  10. amelie is the best go to feel good movie of all time-enjoy!

  11. Would so love to join you! Need a bit of a break myself...

  12. Guess what?!?! I'm currently in a production of the Sound of Music! I'm playing Elsa Schraeder, the captain's fiance. It's kind of a dream come true...

  13. Oooh my gosh this post made me smile!

  14. ahahaa lauren this was fabulous! all scenes that i love love love! cher horowitz made me lol. :) and isn't the original parent trap adorable?

  15. Speaking of the "The Sound of Music," I spy it in this post! ;) Starting at the beginning is the perfect place to start! :)


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