Bucket List #31: Visit Mont St. Michel

You can't visit Normandy 
without a stop by Mont St. Michel...

I mean seriously, this place is striking in a way unlike any other.

{Editor's Note: Which is why we all have it pinned to our travel board on Pinterest.}

While I was driving, I glanced over and, unexpectedly, saw it on the horizon.

There it was with the sun sitting directly over it.

I completely flipped out.

It looked more like a fairy tale than anything I've ever seen.

I'm not being dramatic here,
I'm being factual.

As we passed the signs pointing us to the landmark,
I was acting like a child.

I was squealing and jumping up & down in my seat as I drove...
it was awkward and weird all at the same time.


As we reached the long drive up to the famous abbey,
the sun was setting and it seemed like a perfect moment in time.

I was flooded with the reminder that this world has SO many great things in it.

In every corners of the earth,
there are stunning things.

Some that are natural (like the Canary Islands),
some that are manmade (like Norway's Ice Hotel),
some that are iconic (like the Taj Mahal),
some that are overlooked (like Civita Di Bagnoregio)...

How lucky are we to live in a world with this many treasures!

*ps. we returned the next morning for a second look. hence, the second set of daylight pictures.
**all images original to Aspiring Kennedy. Please source accordingly.


  1. wow what a gorgeous sight that is! i love fairytale castles....there is one in Wales which is amazing too - it's called Castell Coch.

  2. Did you have a chance to go up into the Abbey?

  3. OMG stop making me want to travel!!!

  4. Your life officially makes me jealous- such gorgeous photos!

  5. Mont St Michel is so gorgeous! it's a beast of a climb up to the abbey - so many stairs in one place!!! - but still, it's worth it. the little village is so cute! plus the abbey itself is beautiful.

    crap, now I reallyyyyy want to go back to France!

  6. Oh my gosh I NEED to visit this place!! Packing my bags now- see you soon!

  7. Gah! What a dream! I love your description of your reaction- it's perfect and so vivid. I can only imagine how I would feel seeing things you dream about in person. It's like you almost know how famous discoverers felt when visiting new lands.

  8. it IS stunning! and it was interesting to learn that when the tide goes up you cant drive there! i dont think i'd mind being "stuck" in a castle... just sayin. xo

  9. I remember visiting, and it really was so amazing! Just gorgeous! Glad you got to cross that one off your bucket list :)


  10. It is such a fabulous visit! The history is so fascinating, and totally worth all of the steps! XO

  11. oh i loved Mont. St Michel!!! i still vividly remember getting that first look after reaching the top and being mesmerized by what i saw....so gorgeous :)

  12. I so agree and Mont St. Michel is one of my favorite places in the world! Did you have a chance to eat at La Ferme St. Michel? Best butter ever!

  13. Looks beautiful and I love your green jeans!

  14. Unbelievably gorgeous!
    So happy to have found your blog via Twitter! Now following :)

  15. Awww special moments! How beautiful! I'm now going to have to add this to my lengthy list, thanks for sharing.


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