Happy Anniversary Will & Kate!

Happy First Anniversary, Will & Kate!

It seems like just yesterday that I was camped outside Westminster Abbey
standing for 8 hours without a break to rest my legs,
watching people act like total fools....
but oh man,
it was worth it!

I will never forget watching the Queen pop out of the car in canary yellow dress,
William and Harry grinning to each other as they arrived for the service,
and Kate turning and waving to us before walking down the aisle.

The whole day felt like Christmas...
the atmosphere was electric
& I still can't believe I got to witness it firsthand.

For a trip down memory lane,
click back to see the photos from my day at 
The Royal Wedding!

PS. I'm still waiting for us to become best friends...
I know it's been hard with me being in France. 
I'll be back soon though & we can get down to business.


  1. This was actually when I found your blog. I was looking to find non-news outlet photos and found yours. Beautiful! I loved hearing your story.

  2. Such a very special and seemingly much in love Couple! So hoping it is one of those marriages made in heaven!

    The 2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera...(of Castles Crowns and Cottages)is on my site, please stop by! Her work is amazing!

    Art by Karena

  3. That post was definitely one of my faves of yours. Seriously, once in a lifetime. Don't judge but I bought a BBC DVD of the wedding and totally watched it last week. I was just as pumped as I was last year watching it!!! So amazing!

  4. Oh my you were seriously there? At the royal wedding? I couldn't be more jealous.

  5. Your post of the day was one of the first that I read on your blog. I am still absolutely envious that you were there! I may or may not have rewatched the entire coverage on the Royal Channel on YouTube a few months ago-still obsessed!

  6. You were indeed a lucky ducky. Yeesh. I think there are literally millions of people who wish they were you for that day. :D

  7. seriously, i love that there are others out there who love will&kate as much as i do. we should form a support group. :)

  8. I can't believe this was already a year ago! And you were there?! That's AMAZING. I'm wildly jealous.

  9. Awww! I feel a special kinship with Kate because we both married a "William" around the same time :) She just doesn't know that we're buddies yet!

  10. I remember it like it was yesterday. Woke up so early to watch and then had to go to work and then I flew out to CA for a fabulous vacation. I was meeting J who was there on business. I was totally entranced by the whole thing.

    Oh and I totally imagined you'd be besties by now. It will definitely happen in time ;) xoxo

  11. i'll never forget it either! i was living vicariously through your tweets! :)

  12. What an amazing day that was, and you were so lucky to see it! Great pics by the way, thanks for sharing!

  13. I'm already working on Me and Kate being BFF! Having an Old Etonian as a flatmate who was a year behind Wills I think should be a shoe in :)

  14. Lucky Duck! Happy day late Anniversary to Will and Kate. Love them! May I be friends with you all too?!

  15. Dear Lauren,
    I first came across your blog when you were standing out in the cold, waiting for their marriage. I thought you were the coolest person ever with the most adorable coat and smile. I thought, "This blogger freakin rocks."
    Dancing Branflake


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