If I Could Wake Up Anywhere: EUROPE EDITION

Continuing on in the fun from yesterday, 
is the second installment of the game we like to play called:

"If I Could Wake Up Anywhere..."

These {terribly awesome} bloggers all picked European destinations,
and if you've read this blog for more than one day...
you'll know that makes them pretty cool in my book.

When I read each of the first response,
I would nod my head in agreement...
'Yup. They picked it. That IS the best place in the world.'

And I did the same as I got the next one...

and the next one.

All of these are gorgeous settings 
that I'm sure any sane person would be thrilled to find themselves.

Enough with me typing babbling,
let's get to good part: the other bloggers.

I would be alongside the coast of Spain, with my husband, and our babies. 

We would cross the t's and dot our i's of our extended weekend stay
 by indulging in the food and drink of the Spanish culture surrounding us.

I would make sure and connect with my family roots and hunt down any relatives. 

For an added element of fun, my ten brothers and sisters would drop in for a surprise party, 
and we would of course, dance the night away...

My fiance "H" and I have a travel wishlist of places we'd like to visit before we start makin babies. 

No 1 on my list? Mykonos, Greece!!! 

Despite all that unrest in Greece, 
I can't help but to dream of SUNSHINE, beaches, 
small winding streets lined with bright white stone buildings 
and electric blue dome tops. 

And the food!? 
i could eat my weight in meat-on-a-stick, feta cheese, pita bread and tzataiki sauce. 

So H, please take note...
and let's make this trip happen. 

I've been obsessed with all things British for as long as I can remember. 

From my obsessive need to watch every movie Hugh Grant is in
 to having a daily tea and digestives break 
I adore all things from across the pond! 

Now more than ever I desire to wake up in London 
because my youngest sister has been studying abroad there since September
 and she won't be home until next year. 

The little sneak is also trying to find a job there 
so her time their may be even more permanent  

Ah I'm totally going to have to call the Queen 
and tell her to kick my darling sister out of the country. 

For the time being though I would enjoy a trip abroad to visit her 
and get to say, "Hey kids, Big Ben.... Parliament. 

When I had my adventure in Scotland last summer, 
I had no map, no plan, and no idea that The Kingdom of Fife existed. 

I love Scotland, I love the ocean,
 and I love the thought of waking up to a beautiful horse nibbling on grass near a bridge...
so naturally I have to go back and visit (or live). 

I day dream about Fife more than the places I actually visited 
so that obviously means we are kindred spirits. 

 No this is not a tropical escape, 
this is the most pure, refreshing, and crisp air, swiss chocolates, 
the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen {hello, Swiss Alps!}, 
a beautiful lakefront, and charming architecture that makes you feel like home.

 I was fortunate enough to visit this magical place in November 2011, 
and words can't describe my love for this sleepy little town. 

If I could wake up and escape reality for a day, 
I would love to sit on the beautiful lakeshore,
 outside of Mr. Pickwicks Pub 
and gaze at the Chapel Bridge with a beer + my favorite people. 

 Life would be good!


The final round of bloggers will be here tomorrow...
and their destinations?

Well, let's just say they are off the beaten path.

In the meantime,
What European Destination Would You Like To Wake Up In?


  1. These are great, I'm really enjoying this mini series, hmm, being European I can't think past leaving Europe, so I'll stick with ...waking up in my own comfy cosy bed then.

  2. This virtual trip has me wanting to call a travel agent STAT! What a fun series and can't wait to see where we'll be visiting next... Prague is definitely on my "to see" list!

  3. It's a toss up between Venice or London!

  4. I am now traveling vicariously through all of these other bloggers! I need to escape to Europe, hope you're having an amazing trip!

  5. I would love to wake up in Venice - or really anywhere in Italy would be OK in my book!

  6. What a fun series! It is inspiring lots of travel dreams. Just wanted to note one small thing though...the beautiful picture of "Mykonos" is actually of Oia, on Santorini!! I took a photo from the same spot 2 summers ago and recognized it immediately. Oh how I wish I was back there now...

  7. What a fun series! Lovely ladies with dreams of wonderful adventures.

  8. I want to go to ALL THE PLACES. So hard to pick one, but Scotland has long been on my list, and that photograph of Fife is making me daydream too...

  9. I would want to wake up in Paris please!!! OR Mykonos would be pretty ridic also!!! xo

  10. ohh I cannot wait to read more!
    I would want to wake up in Ireland.... just as long as I experience it with my sons!!

  11. Uhm Sydney would be my fav place.
    By the way... Lovely blog you have here! New follower :)
    xx Nora

  12. Such a great post! You have me dreaming away. I think I'd choose Provence. Although any of these would do nicely :) xoxo

  13. I want to go to ALL of these places. I'd have such a hard time choosing just one. I love how they all picked such different places!

  14. so cute! Today I would wake up in... Miami! Not sure why but have been thinking about it all day, well about the Soho House pool really!

  15. I think the 'Mykonos' photo might actually be of Santorini. Santorini is heaven on earth...Mykonos is 24/7 party central. There's a slight difference ;)

  16. I would wake up in Lisbon, Portugal!
    Nice post, love the idea:)

  17. How fun! So many fabulous destinations to explore and enjoy! My wanderlust has been woken though it is just a mere two weeks since our last little travel adventure.

    Today, if I could choose I'd love to wake up on the Island of Capri!
    late April and May are lovely months in the South of Italy. Not warm enough to swim yet, though quiet and tourist free, leaving the island open for exploration.
    Italian supreme food from the fantastic chefs in the small cobble stoned alley ways.. Sigh.. yes please take me there today!

    x Charlotta

  18. Wow! I just discovered your blog and I am blown away! What a great content u have! I can spend hours on it. Congrats! xoxo


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