Homesick Texan

Most days, I find it pretty awesome that I get to live in Europe.

I mean with a constant backdrop of such stunning sites,
it's hard not to feel lucky.

But there are certain days when I just want to be back in Texas,
sitting on a patio with friends in the warm evening air,
a giant Mexican feast sprawled out before me
and hot sunshine beating down on my exposed shoulders.

Cinco De Mayo is definitely one of those days.

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I can hear what you're all saying to yourself:
"But Lauren, think on the bright side:
living in England gives you the chance 
of becoming best friends with Kate Middleton..."

And you're right.

 Obviously, it is inevitable that, someday in the near future, 
the two of us will be giggling on her 15x15ft Kensington Palace bed,
comparing shades of our brunette hair,
& asking the MI6 man guarding the door to order us in a pizza.

However in today's vulnerable state,
I might be willing to go all "Esau" and trade my future plans 
for a chicken chile relleno, tortilla chips, & a side quart of hot queso.

Instead, Tyler & I will rally,
 head out to the best Tex-Mex we can find...
and celebrate the 6th anniversary of our first kiss.

Even though I have no sunset happy-hour at Gloria's with friends,
at least I have this guy...
and I wouldn't trade that for anything!

{If you haven't read our love story- click through & get cozy.}

*PS. This blog is titled after one of my favorite blogs as an ex-pat: Homesick Texan.


  1. Oh my lord, "go all Esau"!!!! Hahaha

  2. I think you should be her stand in!

  3. i know what ya mean. mexican food in europe is just...not an option. no matter how much they want you to think it is.

  4. Did you ever think of all the homesick Texans in Europe....maybe you should open up a mobile "homesick texan" truck and travel around selling your home cooked feasts....!

  5. Cinco de Mayo is all about the food and drink. I can't wait to pull out my oddly confusing spanish mexican roots and whip up a somewhat authentic/processed hispanic meal tonight.

    Anyways, I am sure it is in your near future to be giggling with Kate. It has to so we can all vicariously live through you. ;)
    I know you must be missing home today, so I hope you get to celebrate in some form.
    :) Anna

  6. Sometimes I read your posts and I think, but I was just thinking (or feeling) that! Today is one of those days. Not because of Cinco De Mayo, but because I've been feeling homesick lately myself, particularly this past week. Then, I read an article that a blogger friend linked to all about Canada this morning and it made me miss my hometown, Toronto even more. Moving to FL has been a fun adventure but I find myself missing my besties a lot lately after 5.5 years here.

    It's interesting that you mentioned the Anniversary of your first kiss 6 years ago, because on May.7th, it will be mine and hubby's 6-year engagement anniversary, he proposed in Paris in front of the Eiffel tower. We've been back once since that time but I'm jealous that you get to spend so much time there! ;)

    Happy Weekend! There are lots of festivities in town so I'll feast on some Mexican delights on your behalf! :)

  7. I'm heading to a guacamole competition- I'll have some in your honor!

  8. I was in London for 3 days when my study abroad group caved and went to the Texas Embassy! it's no Tex-Mex but they have Dr. Pepper and pretty good margaritas. If you walk upstairs to the second floor there's a place on the stairs where people sign their name but if you ask the employees for a Sharpie to write your name with they will look at you like you are nuts and give you a highlighter. And chances are everyone in the restaurant is probably a tourist from Texas - nothing like fellow Texans to make your homesick a little less :)

  9. When you and Kate become BFF's, can I come for just one sleepover and maybe shopping trip??? ;)

  10. I have eaten Mexican food in London and it was no bueno! I had one waiter tell me it was physically impossible to make a cheese enchilada... I asked him if he wanted me to go in the kitchen and show him how : ) Hope you found somewhere good to go! It was over 90 degrees here in DFW today... way too hot for April.

  11. Oops, how about way too hot for May? Either way, too hot for this early in the year!

  12. Awww... I hope your culinary wishes get fulfilled!

    Funny, cute post. I bet Kate is a great BFF to have! You could always raid her closet.

  13. Aww I am sure its hard to be that far away from home and in such a different culture. I hope you find some warm air and a Mexican feast! Come visit me at my new blog 11 Gray ( Much love- Jessica (formerly of Lavender and Lilies)

  14. I hope you had awesome Cinco De Mayo food. Maybe Kate will read this and speed up the friendship pursuit.

  15. Oh, good ole' Gloria's!!!! I would offer to go drink one for you, however, I would need to drink one for myself first and as you know after the second you have to be helped out of the place!!

  16. I loved this post! And it makes me hungry for some Tex-Mex!!! Happy belated Cinco de Mayo from a fellow Texan and Dallasite.

  17. Oh friend, I understand! I promise that I consumed enough tortillas and queso to feed a small army. And by small I mean huge.

    I just couldn't stop.

    Queso just has that effect on me. I am sure you can relate.

  18. Now I feel guilty for not celebrating this year. The Mexican restaurants just get soooo busy! Living without Tex-Mex is something I don't think I could handle.

  19. Whenever I travel, the one food I can't wait to have when I get back home is Mexican. Growing up in the southwest has me spoiled for the good stuff. Homemade tortillas warmed up on the flame of the gas stove, yum, nothing like it :)

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