Paris: One Last Look

Springtime in Paris has been crazy experience.

Sun & bliss one minute...
and rain & grayness the next.

It's always really cold though... a high of mid 50's every day!

It's makes it hard to muster up motivation to explore...
but on the days we do,
Paris never disappoints...

And neither do morning visits to the Louvre.

Those are the apartments of Napolean III.

I'd never seen them before,
but I was blown away by the opulence in this overlooked portion of the Louvre.

{And, remember people, I've hung out at Buckingham... so I feel like that's saying something!}

The gorgeous apartments are definitely a new favorite for me
and I place I'll be bringing all my guests from this point on.

After we had our fill of world-famous paintings & luxurious furnishes,
we wandered out of the Louvre 
and down through the Tuileries...
where I bumped into my bloggy friend, Liz!

She obviously did not look as wrecked from the inclimate weather...ha!

Isn't she so cute?

Liz is just the sweetest, 
and I was so surprised 
to bump into her & Cory!

Hope to meet up with her again again in the future...
next time with a hairstyle that makes me look like less of an elf.

From there, we swung by Les Invalides
to say "Bonjour" to Napolean....
the themed audio guide tours there are pretty good. 

See the pretty sky here?

Literally, by the end of the street,
we were hiding under an awning from a hail storm.

It was the craziest, most bi-polar weather I've ever been in.

Perfect one minute for strolling Paris...
and bone-soaking wet minutes later. 


A quick stop to see the Gardens of Rodin...
with a price tag of €1, 
it's hard not to poke in when you're near there.

I love this place so much.

And after a day that big...
it was only right to eat something of equal greatness.

Nutella + Almonds + Coconut.

Can I get an Amen?

So here's to our "springtime" in Paris...
when I return there in June, 
I'll let you know if the summer weather is as soggy.

*Images original to Aspiring Kennedy. Please source accordingly.


  1. I feel like Paris is a place I'd truly need time to see- which is (sadly) part of why we've not been yet! I want at least a week... in the Louvre alone! I'm so envious of your time there, but I've loved your posts sharing the city and all of it's treasures!! Are you still headed to Scotland for the summer? (Am I remembering that correctly?)

  2. Fabulous! I love love love those jumping pictures - fantastic!!

  3. so beautiful! hopefully the weather will be a bit sunnier in June!

  4. Love the jumping picture, and the crepe looks toooo yummy!

  5. obviously you are a fab photographer ;)
    How fun bumping into Liz!!

  6. Lauren your pictures are just so fantastically gorgeous! I'd definitely go for those crepes any day!

  7. So, I've been to Paris. I loved it, it was the most beautiful place, but it has NEVER looked so beautiful as through these photos. You've captured that uncapturable city so well. PS... that jumping gif is AWESOME.

  8. ah these photos are soooo beautiful! gosh I love Paris!!

    and it was soooo fun running into you! seriously one of my favorite travel moments ever :) lets for sure meet up somewhere fun in Europe!!!!!

  9. Looks like you made the very best of it even w/the changeable weather. Love that pic of you both jumping - the animated and the still!

  10. How awesome that you ran into Liz, what a small world, huh?!! I love your jumping pictures, so cute!

  11. the only thing that is keeping me from seething with jealously that u got to spend a minute with liz is that we might get to hang out in june.

    otherwise it was game over.

  12. What a precious post! I am super jealous!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous photos! You look adorable! Definitely make me need a trip to Paris soon :)


  14. GORGEOUS pictures lady friend! And that's so funny that you bumped into Liz! Was that really an accident? Can the blogosphere get ANY smaller?

  15. These photos are amazing! You two look SO sweet together :) My sister is in Paris right now :) I'm so jaleous, haha! But I've been there twice myself too :) I never visited the Musée Rodin though! Must.go.back. ! x

  16. These photos are amazing - you are too cute! And that crepe looks SO good :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. Love the pics....especially of the last one - you are making me so hungry!!! It even has coconut?! Sold. ;)

  18. what a beeeeautiful blog you have here. photos are just gorgeous and i just love your style of writing. a new follower has been born. :)

  19. Beautiful pictures,
    love that city!

  20. Wow! JEALOUS! These shots are so dreamy :)

  21. where did you get that nutella, almonds and coconut??.........will be in paris in two weeks.......FUN!!


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