His & Hers

Check out Tyler being featured on the hip men's fashion blog, Something Legit.

I posted this pic of him at the Tate Modern on *instagram the other day
and, soon after, the site owners, Lauren & Laura contacted me about posting him on the site.

Obviously, I was excited.

Obviously, Tyler was embarrassed. 

Tyler's style has evolved significantly from when I first met him...
his standard uniform of zip hoodies, yankees hat & white converse has come a long way.

{Though I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for that style. I thought he was so hot.}

I'd LOVE for you to click over & leave a comment...
it'd make him feel cool. :)

On another note,
my feature in Heart Home Mag's summer issue
 is now out & live.

Have you seen it? 

You can find my spread on pages 96 & 97.

I really like this one...
it talks about summertime in England, 
which is a fun, crazy... and often, soggy affair. 

This magazine is getting awesome as it develops it's personality & style.

I feel so lucky be part of the contributing team!

*instagram username: aspiringkennedy | ps. instagram is the funnest. screw facebook. :)
**i'm really behind on emails. sorry if you have written & haven't heard back. i'm working on it!!


  1. YAHH way to go tyler!! :) v exciting stuff. and i agree with you.. instagram is WHERE its at! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. haha how cute! i saw this pic on instagram and thought he looked rather handsome :) definitely with you on instagram being better than facebook too :) xx

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  4. We all know how I felt about this instagram post. Thank you for the picture and the click through. I too was in class with Tyler during college and I didn't know this would be in store in 2012. Can't wait to see the evolution in another couple of years.

    Good work LBK. I hope Tyler is blushing somewhere. Tell him thanks for being a good sport. Also adopt me.

    On that note, I'm glad you finally came to instagram senses. Beth and I will take that credit now.

  5. He’s so put together – lucky girl! P.s. Love the feature in Heart Home Mag. It (not to mention your entire blog) makes me want to run away to England:)

  6. NO WAY! Just proves a few things.
    1. You are an awesome photographer.
    2. You have amazing fashion sese.
    3. You have a cool husband that the Tate approves of.
    4. I need Instagram.

  7. Oooh I am off to check it out!

    And yay to you for a fabulous feature lady!

  8. Hats off to the two of you!
    Great job on the article and super score on your man being featured!

  9. WHERE are his shoes from? Maybe if I glue them to Matt's feet he'll learn to love them?

  10. Did you dress him? When I saw this on instagram I thought how stylish he looked!


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