Oh, Hi There.

Hi, I'm Lauren.

I write a blog called Aspiring Kennedy.

I live in England,
but travel around quite a bit.

Sometimes I travel so much, in fact,
that I neglect my blog.

But if you regularly read my blog,
you already knew that.

I've been doing some VERY cool stuff
and seeing some VERY cool things...
here are some instagram pics to give you a peek.

Scotland's Isle of Skye is absurd.
How can this place exist?

It is everything L.L.Bean has ever wanted to be.

But forget dramatic Scottish cliffs 
& seaside picnics with buckets of artery-clogging food.

Today I just want to show you this website,
It's entirely based around fake captions
to pictures of Kate Middleton.

Like this:

I'm in Paris for two more days
and then head back to London.

If I don't write before then, remember:
Even if I can't blog on the road,
I can always Instagram.

(Take the hint! My username is aspiringkennedy) 

So the real question is:
 What have you been up this week?

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. How exciting honey! Great photos! Enjoy your trip. Kori xoxo

  2. hahahaha, i've got to check that kate middleton site out - looks like it would make for some fantastic reading :)

    - lauren

  3. My heart hurts those Skye photos are so beautiful. Freak. Painful, I tell you! And you are freaking adorable in that photo. Missed you!

  4. That picture of the Scottish cliffs is absolutely breathtaking! And thanks for the intro to the Kate site -- hilarious!

  5. I came across your blog a few weeks ago and enjoy reading your posts! I miss the UK terribly, however, I get my little fix when you post photos of your travels. Thanks for the link of KM, I needed a laugh today :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Scotland someday - it does look straight out of an LL Bean ad! Igniting my travel fever even more!

  7. these photos are absolutely gorgeous! and I'm so ridiculously jealous that you're in Paris - in comparison, I've been sitting in French class and attempting to study for my anatomy lab. yeah. I think it's pretty clear whose life is more exciting. :)

  8. wow those cliffs are amazing! they would give me slight vertigo ha, but I'd still attempt to climb up there to look at those amazing views!

  9. Seriously, you really want to know what I have been up to....well, it is the end of the school year so I have been bracing myself for the onslaught with freshly laundered beach towels...making lemonade with fresh rosemary....chilling the watermelon and painting in between.
    Now I would love to visit one day - it looks amazing.

  10. It's such a beautiful Country and these images are amazing. Have fun in Paris and thanks for the link...so funny!!

  11. Such gorgeous pictures! I would love to go see those huge cliffs. I always see them in movies and they are so dramatic. And Paris would be amazing!!


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  12. Sooooo... I have lived in Scotland for a smidge under 10 years, yet you have travelled more in this country than I have.
    I have been to Skye, though. Once. Have you ever been to Auchtermuchty? It's not terribly exciting, but it does have a cool name.
    Enjoy Paris! (Jealous, moi?)

  13. We have missed you! Isle of Skye and your fish and chips look great! I have been working all week. I am looking forward to a weekend with magazines to read through!

  14. Can't wait to read all about it when you get back! Sounds amazing. Um, I cleaned the house this week? Equally as exciting.

  15. i want to post about our blate. but needs your pics. because mine look like crap. that is all for now. ITALY IN SEPTEMBER.


    booked a venue. WHAT!?

  16. Haha you would find that website! Looks so beautiful, so envious of all of your traveling

  17. ahh you look very english in that picture -- love your jacket :) when i finally get my boy to move to england (from california!) i intend to book a trip to skye ASAP. i have always wanted to go :) xx


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