Olympic Sprint

The Olympics are almost here, y'all.

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

The Winter Olympics are pretty cool...
but let's be honest,
the Summer Olympics are the Mary 
and the Winter Olympics are the Rhoda.

(Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion reference, anyone?)

The city of London looks so great. 

In fact, I'm almost equally excited about enjoying London after the Olympics
when all the people leave and all the upgraded public spaces are "mine" to enjoy.

With the opening of the Olympic traffic lanes
and the pulsing addition of visitors to the city,
it's obvious that it's happening soon.

We have our tickets ready,
we've planned out our routes,
and all we need now are some temporary tattoos of American flags
and some face paint and we'll be ready to do this.

We scored tickets to four events:
water polo, football (read: soccer), women's field hockey,
and, as of today, the opening ceremonies!


If you are in London and need some tickets-
I have several to get rid of for July 31's game
where Great Britain's Women play Brazil in football! £60 each. 
Email me, if you're interested or share it with friends that may be in town!

I'll be instagram'ing (aspiringkennedy), facebooking & tweeting the whole time
if you want to catch an inside peek of the 2012 games.

Are you an Olympic fanatic
or are they nothing more than a disruption for your regular shows?

What events are your must-sees?


  1. The Olympics completely draw me in - I think I'd be embarrassed to admit how many hours I spent watching the last winter games. (I blame it on them being in Vancouver and I was SOOO proud to be Canadian watching it! I do prefer the winter olympics - although I think that might be a requirement of being Canadian) This time around, I will most likely be sucked into watching a myriad of sports that I otherwise know nothing about. (I do like gymnastics though - I usually spend the entire time in awe of those athletes and what they make their bodies do!)

  2. summer olympics totally trump winter. I am a gymnastics fan all the way.

  3. So jealous!! We're coming back to London the last weekend of August, but I almost wish we'd planned our trip during the Olympics instead! Sigh...ya live, ya learn. Have fun, girl!

  4. Just call me a complete fanatic. Cannot wait for Friday! I will definitely be checking instagram for your pictures and wishing I was there. Gymnastics and swimming are my top two favorites.

    The PGA Championship is in Charleston during the last week of the Olympics. When I step off the golf course, I'll immediately be tuning into the Olympics. So much going on but so fun!

  5. Yes, I totally got your Romy and Michelle reference!!! It made me laugh!

    And I love the Olympics. I love watching the gymnastics and diving. Actually, all the water sports are fun to watch. My husband likes track and field.

    I can totally relate to the after Olympics things. We are in Atlanta, so it was fun to see the city cleaned up after the 96 Olympics here.

  6. SO JEALOUS!!!!!! I so wish we were heading over for the Games! Do you have a million people crashing at your place?? If not.. do you want two people? :) hahaha I kid, I kid! ENJOY and can't wait to follow along on Instagram!

  7. Wow you scored some great tickets!! I'm psyched for the swimming (go Aussies!). Hopefully I'll be at home for most of the next two weeks and won't have to use the public transport!

  8. JEALOUS!!!! I'm an Olympic mega fan and can't freaking wait for it to all start- how amazing that you get to go to three events!

  9. since I'm no longer in London, I love the Olympics! If I were there it would be making my life a nightmare as I used the Jubilee and Central lines all the time.

  10. SO FUN! I can't wait to check in and see what you're up to! I go completely ga-ga over the Olympics. I've even so far as to write down my favorite events and the times they are taking place in my planner. So yeah...I like them juuuust a little ;)

  11. Love, love, love the Romy and Michelle reference!! Haha what a great movie! :) & How lucky are you, getting to go to the Olympics?! Can't wait to read about every detail!

  12. I saw you post about tickets yesterday and I was instantly jealous. I definitely prefer the summer olympics. Swimming, gymnastics, track…Love it. I'm sure I don't even need to say this but…take lots of pictures. :)

  13. Hooray! There's no one I want to hear commentary about the Olympics more than you. So excited!

  14. Jealous McJealouspants! The Olympic are on my bucket list. Can't wait to hear all about your experience!

  15. So exciting you'll be at the opening ceremonies! I'm more partial to the winter olympics b/c of figure skating but strangely get sucked into the swimming events for no apparent reason.

  16. i can't wait for the olympics!!! you're so lucky to attend some of the games!

  17. A friend got tickets to the gymnastics. So jealous! I hear the city looks amazing! Can't wait to see your insta's!

  18. Maybe we'll run into each other among the millions there! Tickets for tennis and beach volleyball are now safely packed in the carryon! I just wish we could have gotten tickets to get INTO the Olympic park!

  19. Very jealous! I got to go to a gymnastics qualifier-qualifier earlier this year and I thought "I" was cool... so if you get to see any gymnastics, please post pics!

  20. You lucky duck!!! We know 4 families from our town who will be in London for the games. Thanks for your sweet comment....please don't move before we get there next June!! I'll email you dates separately and would be forever grateful for your very best suggestions!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    ps: Go USA!

  21. Oh my gosh, the opening! I would flip to go to that (in London, no less!)

    And just for good measure... "I'm the Mary!"

  22. That's so exciting! I'll definitely be following on instagram. And I loved the Romy and Michelle reference.

  23. Thank you for this post!


  24. I am turning a shade of green right now...with envy that is.
    Totally amazing you get to be there during it all!! Have so much fun and share all the gloriousness!

  25. My Brother is going with his daughter - He is 6 ft. 7 and they both have a nice Kentucky drawl y'all.

  26. So jealous you got tickets to anything, especially the Opening Ceremony!! How fun!! In fact, I bet you are there now since I am reading this Friday morning in California. :) Have so much fun! I'll be following on IG.
    I love the Olympics, too. Mostly I enjoy swimming, diving, gymnastics...But I will watch whatever is on. My BF loves table tennis. haha
    I happened to be visiting Toronto for my Nana's 85th birthday for the weekend of Opening Ceremonies in 2010. That was fun to watch since they were in Canada. :)

  27. i'm sooo pumped for the olympics!!


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