It's the Little Things: Kusmi Tea

I might have been born with a cheerful disposition, it's true.

My mom says that I was born sunny side-up...
though I think she's alluding more to the fact that I was, indeed, face up.

{Sorry, mom.}

I'm not sure that things don't bother me
like they seem to bother everyone else.

In fact, I can get really worked up 
over some really simple things.

{My good friends are nodding their heads and saying "Amen" right now.}

But maybe my reputation for always being cheerful 
comes from somewhere else....
I really enjoy small things!

Little aspects of a day can really captivate me.
It makes me feel great to stop and enjoy one small thing.

So today, I'm enjoying a little tea break while working from home.

All it takes is a few simple things 
to make my moment seem perfect.

My favorite glass, the Bodum Pavina.

A pretty tea strainer to do the magic.

Gorgeously fragrant kusmi tea that I brought back from Paris
The Prince Wladimir is orangey and floraly... 
and, well, I just love it.

It makes me feel like a lady.

I let it sit for a few minutes 
while I rummage through the cabinet for cookies wait.


It's ready.

I can perch in my favorite new chair
and enjoy the sunshine.

{Editor's note: Yes, it is 3pm and I'm still in a robe. Busted.}

What's a small way that you enjoy the day?

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. I love my daily homemade latte - I've been using an Italian stovetop espresso maker and I love the sound and scent as it bubbles away.

  2. I love the Kusmi Detox tea. It's so hard to find in the US though. It's on my list to pick up in Paris next week. I may have to pack an empty suitcase for all the parisian finds I plan to stock up on!

    Your view looks so lovely!

  3. That's one of my most favorite relaxers. Sitting by a window flooding in natural light and sipping a hot something. :)
    Eat Cake

  4. I adore Kusmi tea! I have the mini stack of tins (Russian blend) and it's about time to restock...

  5. You are adorable! My lounge robe needs an update, stat. I still have my old fluffy white one- not nearly as glam as yours.

  6. I love a cup of Harney and Sons Paris tea. The smell alone will make you smile! It is so, so good.
    Sometimes when I need a pick me up (if the little ones are napping), I'll watch an episode of Gilmore girls. Something about that show is just so perfectly fabulous!
    My other pick me up if I need to do some work, is using Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. Oh my word. They smell so good it actually makes cleaning a little bit fun. (Basil and Gardenia are my faves!! And they are a "cleaner" less toxic cleaning line...two thumbs up!)

  7. I'm a tea lover too! I don't really consider myself palette that sophisticated, but I do love me some good tea!

    P.S. Your robe is so chic. I'm always in sweats... or a T-shirt and undies. I guess I need to step up my game!

  8. Tea is so relaxing! Today I've been all about pumpkin spice coffee! Even though its still 80 degrees here in NJ I'm still enjoy my favorite fall drink. :)

  9. As a Brit you know I agree when you say that tea is one of life's simple pleasures!

  10. girl, look at that leafy view! sublime :)

  11. you're pretty adorable : )
    I need to get a tea pot like this.

  12. I love the ritual of having daily tea...I don't do it enough here but I think if I lived in England I would :)

  13. that was so cute! i'm a tea lover myself (not to mention of the cheery disposition persuasion.:) i love the strainer and cup!

  14. I completely agree, its all about taking pleasure in the little things. I love coffee at home in the mornings and making a cup of tea or going to buy a cup of coffee in the afternoon at work. Taking a few minutes really makes a difference! Your window perch and view are wonderful!

  15. Nothing quite like the ritual of making a good cup of tea, although having a latte first thing makes waking up worthwhile!

  16. Love kusmi tea! I bought it in Paris this summer!

  17. Kusmi tea has such pretty packaging. Heheee I`m sometimes in my robe at that time too! Funny though at first I thought it said 3am, I was thinking WOW she`s up at 3am drinking tea, what a relief to see you aren`t all sunny side up at 3am!


  18. That's true, if we won't know how to enjoy the little things what will we do?
    Love your blog, so I joined you on google friends, would you like to follow me?

  19. I'm SO with you - the small things are EVERYTHING to me. And it's almost silly how happy some little things make me.. For instance, enjoying a lazy cup of coffee in bed on Sunday morning, indulging in dessert when I'm out for dinner, treating myself to a freshly baked croissant at the train station in the morning... hmmm I'm noticing a pattern of food + drink here :) I'm not a big tea drinker, but you look absolutely cozy and that's just the best!

  20. What an adorable post! I love seeing you all perched and ladylike in your chair. I'm pretty sunny, too, I think. It really doesn't take much to make me swoon.

  21. oh girl. i can see right now we are going to be friends.

  22. Everything about this is fantastic. I'm a big believer of appreciating the "little" things... esp when it means being in your robe at 3pm! ha! (:


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