It's Time You Head to Iceland.

In the midst of all the baby mama drama I've been causing lately,
it's important to remember
that I've been in Iceland having a pretty amazing time.

{I'm probably headed home to London as you read this post.}

This new trip was the brilliant idea of my colleagues 
in efforts to add a new dimension to our fall calendar.

{Fact: I work with some of the coolest people on the planet.}

When they approached me with the idea,
I was, obviously, not mad about the addition in the slightest.


I'll have more of an official guide to Iceland coming up later,
but just consider this part one 
of an amuse-bouche for our Iceland trip.


Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Yes, I went horseback riding. It was supposed to be an easy kiddie ride that they said would be fine "in my condition."
Until my (freaking idiot) horse decided to sprint down a ravine about a quarter of a mile,
leaving me to hold on with my legs... no real saddles here in Iceland to lean onto.

Obviously, I regret putting myself in this situation, but God completely protected me from getting seriously hurt.
 My thighs are obscenely bruised and Tyler has begun a campaign to eat horses. (Joking).
Gorgeous waterfall at Skogafoss.
This may or may not have been my breakfast two days in a row. (Read: totally was.)

Lobster soup from Reykjavic's famous, Seabarons.

 I've been here for 10 days
and I'm still trying to digest all I have seen...
this country is overwhelmingly larger than life.

I've posted most of these pictures on Instagram
and have been keeping up with that way
while we have been on the road.

What? You're not on Instagram?
It's probably time you change that.

{My username is: aspiringkennedy}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Wow, this.looks.incredible.

    Iceland just moved even closer to the top of my "must-visit" list! That cake/breakfast looks delicious :)


  2. I've been loving all your instagram Iceland just looks so amazing!

  3. Your husband is glowing!!!!
    Seriously though, you both are so lucky. How much more awesome and out-of-the-ordinary could your life get?!
    Love it.

  4. You almost have me convinced to join the instagram craze...almost!
    I am so glad you are ok after that horseback riding incident. I'll also say it's so nice to see you still many pregnant women become so fearful from all the books they read that they forget tons of healthy babies were born before all these crazy books about pregnancy were written.
    I can't wait to hear more about this trip! That's a place I know very little you'll have to be my history lesson. ;)

  5. Wow- those photos are all so lovely! Looks like you've had another amazing trip, even if it was for work :)

  6. wow! i must take a trip here ASAP; it looks beautiful!! :) xx

    PS: amazing news about the twins! how exciting!!

  7. I can honestly say I've never even thought about going to Iceland before, but it has to be one of the most gorgeous places I've ever seen! So glad y'all got to do it together!

  8. Iceland looks like a dream.. or an episode of Game of Thrones =P
    And I want to visit, now :)

    Thanks for always encouraging my wanderlust

  9. seriously breathtaking! I cannot wait for your full recap because I have a feeling this is a place we need to bump up to our "Top 5" places to visit.

    And so scary with that horse story! Not cool horse,

  10. Wow. That looks IN-sane! Almost like another planet! I have heard so many good things about Iceland lately -- it's definitely on my list! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  11. I've never really given Iceland much thought. Sounds cold. But I may have to rethink this after seeing your amazing pictures!

  12. I'm sorry, what all is in that cake?! It looks beyond delicious!

    My husband & his buddies did a stopover in Iceland to "relax" after their European trip post-college (apparently all that debauchery is exhausting). He wasn't there long but always talks about how amazing it was. Definitely not a place I would immediately think of visiting but I'm not intrigued!

  13. Dear Kennedy, I must go to Iceland. Hubby and I have talked about it and the plane ticket prices scared us out of going. Living in Oklahoma City makes international travel difficult and always many flights. (It took us five flights to get home from St. Lucia.) Thanks for the wonderful pictures. Esther Norine Designs

  14. Wow. These pictures are amazing and Iceland has just been added to my "I must travel there" list.

  15. These photos are unreal! And seriously- this was for work? Yes. The offer stands. Tyler goes. Babies and all.

    That stupid horse. My jaw dropped when I realized how close to danger you were. Eek!

  16. I've always wanted to go to Iceland - it looks like no other place on earth!

  17. I had no idea Iceland was so beautiful! And thanks to instagram, it enhances Iceland's beauty!

    -Sarah {}

  18. Okay. Now I have to go to iceland!!!

    xo, Emily

  19. Gorgeous!! I honestly don't know anything about Iceland - always just thought of it as a counterpart to Greenland hahaha. But it looks fantastic and the cake looks bomb and stay away from horses!

  20. I've loved following you via Instagram and seeing the pictures- they're amazing.
    Eat Cake

  21. I'm planning a trip to Iceland for December 2013...You are making want to leave right now!!

  22. Ok the things sounds scary! That happened to me once too, so not fun. Everything else looks and sounds amazing!

  23. I'm glad you liked Iceland! It truly is the most beautiful country :-)
    There is no wonder people think of Game of Thrones when seeing these pictures, part of the series are filmed here ;-)

  24. Wow lady, you are turning it ON with these pictures! Take me to Iceland PLEASE!

    P.S. Tell Tyler that my husband has tasted horse before and isn't a big fan. Too "chewy" he says. Too pretty, I say.

  25. i am absolutely fascinated by these gorgeous photos!!
    1. i kind of forgot about iceland
    2. it looks ridiculously BEAUTIFUL
    3. i feel like i'm looking at shots from another planet
    4. you are cool for going to iceland while pregnant with twins
    5. because like, zero people can say that they did that

  26. These images are absolutely gorgeous!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  27. ooooh my gosh! These pictures are STUNNING. They're so beautiful it's unreal.
    Glad you're okay after that maniac horse!

  28. it looks breathtaking! i never knew iceland was so beautiful.

    and that horse escapade would have freaked me out--but then again i am a little scared of horses.

  29. Tyler does have a glow about him. Baby daddy.

    When I think of the crazy horse escapade I think of Kirstie Alley in It Takes Two... and J Lo in Maid In Manhatten...

    Too much Hollywood?


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