Buon Viaggio! Visiting Italy

It's that time of year.

Everyone is starting to plan 
their spring break travels
and begins to dream 
of a summer vacation somewhere fabulous.

I love that we all have this in common.

One of the most common places people want to visit is Italy.


It's incredible.

I get a lot of questions asking me logistics 
about traveling to this amazing place...
and I'm flattered to have you associate me
with such an amazing place.

I'm happy to answer specific questions for your planning,
but general "advice" for an entire country or multi-day itinerary
is a little tough for me to field at the moment.

There's just so much to say
and because it's such a loaded question,
 it takes me about an hour to reply to each email.

In efforts to help make my travel posts a bit easier to find
and to prevent you from waiting weeks for a reply
while planning your own trip to Italy,
I thought I'd put them all here
in a central location.

Look at these sexy blogger husbands (liz's corey, my tyler & megan's stephen in florence.)

So if you aren't sure about my opinion on training somewhere
or if you are looking for a particularly special souvenir,
email me and ask!

For the rest of it,
I've put down most everything I know in these links
in efforts to help you out.

Happy Planning!

Other great places you might be dreaming of are:

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy & Liz Denfeld
**if you saw the original version of this post, sorry. it was written before delivery.


  1. Since I'm leaving for Rome today, this post is the best ever! Thank you sooooo much! Have fun with that sweet baby girl!

  2. my wonderlust is now in full force! thanks for sharing all this wonderful and enjoy that gorgeous girl of yours at home!

  3. This is so awesome and helpful! Totally bookmarking this :)

    ps Hope you, Tyler, and Viola are doing wonderful!

  4. we decided on florence...well, lucca. did megs tell you? i'm referencing your blog while putting our trip together. obviously.

  5. This is coming at such a perfect time, thank you! And sending more virtual well wishes :)

  6. Yes! I so needed this! We've been planning on going to Europe now that we're East Coasters. Being closer to the UK is basically the best thing about moving across the United States.

  7. LOVE this!

    Cinque Terre is my *favorite* - a close second is a daytrip to Siena or long weekend to Sorrento... but the food & beaches in Sicily cannot be beat!

    ::sigh:: off to dream about Italy ::sigh::

  8. Hope I'll be needing this someday! Fingers crossed!

  9. I would love to go to Italy. I took a semester of Italian in college...I don't remember a thing, but I loved learning about the culture.

  10. We'll be in London and The Lakes in a few weeks and your blog has been my go-to for my 'must do' lists! Thanks for doing this! Wishing your little family the best!

  11. This is awesome. We are planning an Italy trip soon, so this will be extremely helpful!

  12. Perfect timing! My honeymoon across Italy begins in three weeks! :) Thank you my dear!

  13. ROCK. STAR!!! You KNOW I'm all up in this...16 days...but who's counting?! We upgraded our flight over...am I more excited about Italy or first class...hard to tell. :)


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