Pack Your Bags: Staying at Le Chateau Les Carrasses

I stumbled across this gorgeous chateau
while researching a place for a work project.

{Yes, I know- best job.... but it is a lot of work!}

Like most places online,
it looked too good to be true.

Which, as a traveler, can be a common disappointment
after arriving to find the location of your vacation
less than it looked in the photoshopped pictures online.

So while these photos are, indeed, photoshopped-
don't worry,
I've taken the risk and checked it out myself:

is not only as amazing 
as it is in pictures...
but it's better.

Here's what I loved about it:

1. First things first, 
it's affordable for people like me....
which makes me think
that you can afford it, too.

For a two bedroom apartment in high season,
we paid 280euro a night.

Split up between friends staying with us,
 this wasn't bad pricing...
especially when you consider how luxe the property is!

2. You have your own kitchen
so you can keep food costs down.

Not only does each place within the property have a full kitchen,
but they also have a terrace or garden 
with outdoor dining & a barbecue. 

You can shop at the market in town
and make your own outdoor dinner party...
or head to the chateau's terrace restaurant 
for a gorgeous night of being pampered.

3. The staff is wonderful.

A common complaint from American travelers
is that while the destination is gorgeous,
the service is lousy....
but guess what,
not here. 

I was blown away by the kindness and attentiveness of the staff.

From the initial inquiry I made online 
that gave me an immediate email & call back
to the sweet waiter who laughed off 
the pool of baby poop our daughter left on a chair cushion.

Viola didn't seem to mind, but Tyler & I were horrified. 
Nothing says "classy" like pooping on a chair.

{Plus, they offer good free wifi... major plus in rural France.}

4. It's so easy to get there.

To reach the Chateau,
you fly into Beziers...
a little under 2 hours from London Luton
if you're flying RyanAir or Flybe.

From there, you hop in a rent car from one of the companies sitting in the small airport
and drive 43 minutes- according to our Garmin route- to the Chateau.

5. The pool.

This pool will receive it's own post later this week...
but let's just say,
I was in heaven....

And I wasn't the only one
with such affinity for the infinity. :)

6. The possibilities it offers for day trips.

The Chateau sits in a great point to explore the region.
If it's vineyards, castles, churches, rivers, beaches, hillside towns... 
it's not too far away.

The medieval city of Carcassonne is about 1.5 hours away.
The gorgeous hillside city of Roquebrun is 40 minutes away.
Montpellier is an hour away... 
and the smallest city in the world 
to be the home to a cathedral sits at the footsteps
of the chateau's vineyard...

And for everything else,
the chateau leaves extensive/honest book of options
in your apartment to let you choose your fun.


So if you're looking to stay somewhere amazing, affordable & accessible in France-
this is your place. 

Made up of private apartments and "maisons" that you can rent,
I have no doubt that you'll be as smitten with your stay 
in the Southwest of France as we were.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. What a great post to read (and drool) over on a Monday. Your photos are fabulous! I've probably liked every single one of your photos on Instagram haha, but this looks like a fabulous trip. And Viola, oh my gosh. Could she be any cuter??!!


  2. Ah this looks like heaven...I'm sitting looking at torrential rain in the Cape dreaming of this exact chateau...thanks for doing the hard work and researching it for us - its now firmly on the list. x Oh and Viola looks like a diva in her cossie - too adorable xx

  3. shut up!!! I think I dreamed about this place... like, "Oh, when my life is awesome, I'm think one day I'm going to stay at a fancy place in France..." I can't believe how perfect this place sounds. eeep!

    And even though she poops a lot, Viola has completely stole my heart. That smile!!!

  4. Bookmarking this one for looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Lauren!

    And, don't even get me started on that cutie, Viola...she is precious!

  5. Know Laura Busby is somewhere crying. I am sad to have missed this! Kyla said it was the most beautiful place!

  6. Wow. I am ready to go right now. lol. Beautiful!

  7. Wow what a lux vacation that sounds lovely.

  8. I am definitely going to check this out.... looks fantastic!

  9. perfection. love lady V's thumbs up for the pool!

  10. Sorry, I stopped listening/reading once I saw the pictures of Viola.

    (But it looks gorgeous!)

  11. i want to go there! and seriously, viola is the cutest! she looks like she is having a blast!

  12. Oh my goodness I'm taking this post and sending it to my hubby and rather than trying to be sneaky and drop hints about what I want I'm just going to tell him straight up: Anniversary Trip.

  13. This place looks gorgeous! But as always, Viola steals the show. I love the pic of her lounging poolside. She's just too adorable!
    - Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

  14. Oh my goodness, this place looks amazing! Also, Viola is such a doll :)

  15. Oh man -- that looks like heaven!!! I'm already checking flights for next spring...and true to AA form, there is barely a mileage seat to be found. i was thinking Provence, but now I'm thinking otherwise!!!

    and if I had a dollar for every pool of poop left behind.... ;)

  16. this place has me flipping through the pages of my calendar and wondering "when can i go there?!"
    p.s. Viola is incredibly cute in these pictures!

  17. Oh my God!
    I'm in love with this place!!!

  18. This place looks amazing! I'm putting it on my forever long list :( Looks like the prefect place for a one week French vacation.

  19. shut the front door. this place is heaven on earth!!

  20. Your post is wonderful!! The photos so beautiful. By the way You are not alone when it comes to poop mishaps. I was beside myself when my son did the same on an outing.

  21. Magnificent! Just tack this place onto the long list of places you've inspired me to go to :) And that little nugget hanging out on the lounge chair, I mean how can that not put a smile on your face :) precious!

  22. Looks amazing! I definitely wish I was spending my days by that pool.


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