Peacock Alley: Lights, Camera... Hide.

Does anyone actually like to be filmed?

I think movie stars should be paid high salaries
because to be able to act normal while being taped
is one of the most impossible tasks I've ever encountered.

Skinny dipping?
Truth or dare?
The cinnamon challenge?

I'll step up to almost anything...
but ask me to stare in a camera and talk to myself?

Errr.... you might as well ask me to do it in Mandarin
while I'm at it.

* * *

Luckily, my day filming a little video
at Peacock Alley was a lot of fun.

The type of day that is right up my alley.

{Some pun with Peacock Alley should be made, but I can't think of it. Help?}

I got to play around the pretty linens,

catch up with my old friend, Laura,

and dream about what my house would have looked like
had I married an actual Kennedy
instead of that hot guy from my Business Law class.

{Since, obviously, so many of the actual Kennedy's were pursuing me.}

The only drawback was that I couldn't actually roll around in the beds
and take ridiculous pictures for your enjoyment/horror
since, apparently, showroom beds aren't exactly sturdy.

I know, I know...
I was just as disappointed as you are.

* * *

The video we shot is being edited by some cool people
and I'll share it with you when it's finished...

Unless my suspicions aren't confirmed
and I am indeed the world's biggest tool
with the most terrible voice in the world.

If that's the case,
just forget I ever mentioned it.

But don't forget how awesome Peacock Alley's line is.

Seriously, I wasn't the only one drooling on the stuff....

But the BEST part of the day?

Viola got a new line of bedding named after her.

That's right...
their new, gorgeous collection is called 

I mean I'm swelling with motherly pride.

I'm not sure she could win an Olympic gold medal
and I be any prouder.

She felt pretty awesome about it, too. 

It's coming soon... and you better believe
that it isn't going to be hidden on here. :)

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. I feel the same about being filmed, and I'm so shy in front of the cameras!!!
    And all that beddings?awesome!!!
    and Viola bedding?
    You are fantastic!!!!!
    I cannot wait to watch the video!!
    Have a nice day dear Lauren!

  2. SHUT UP! I thought you were kidding on Instagram about the bedding being named after her. But you weren't! How amazing is that! That sweet little girl has the coolest parents in the world. They picked the best person to represent this awesome company.

  3. Oh what a lovely post - you are so funny and fun. And well done miss V - its sure to be a best seller. x

  4. Oh geez, Viola is almost Kate Middleton status now! She just needs a few mugs with her name on it, and bam! Princess!

  5. oh my goodness, i want to go sleep in their store. i love that V has bedding named after her.

  6. bedding named after her? amazing!

  7. I am sure you were FABULOUS in front of the camera! I can't wait to watch it.
    Skinny dipping??...I would never have pegged you for a streaker! Ha!
    And yes, that is awesome about the Viola line. I've been checking out that site ever since you posted stuff on Instagram. Naturally I want the most expensive thing on there.
    However, I'm kind of loving the Viola line. Please tell me they gave you that set since it is named after her after all!!

  8. I am THE pickiest person in the world about sheets and whether they're soft enough. One day, OKL had some monogrammed Peacock Alley sheets for an amazing price, so I lost my mind and purchased them. My only regret is not ordering 20 different sets of them. They are the best, softest, most perfect sheets I've ever owned.

  9. sweet dreams. i am in the market for some new bedding.
    pop in and visit my new digs. bring viola too, i am child friendly.

  10. You're hilarious...I mean really, such a great writer!! That's so cool she's got her own line of bedding...what's next, handbags, perfume?! The world is her oyster.

  11. It does look like a great line - lovely colours!

    Molly @ The Move to America

  12. Viola is loving it!! master bed for the lady, only the very best!!

  13. I need a blog post on your favorite shopping spots for Viola, espescially her fabulous headbands!! Do share!!!

  14. I think it might be easier if you were filmed attempting to speak another language. I think it is hilarious that you would do the cinnamon challenge instead of being filmed. I would be upset too if the beds were not sturdy. Glad you had such a good experience with the filming.

    from Lila Smith @Split-Site PhD


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