Travel Advice? I can help... some of you!

Did you know that when you start blogging
it means that you also starting connecting with a lot of people
off the regular streams of social media
and behind the scenes on email?

That's where people really get to know each other.

Blogs are like online dating profiles.

You shop people out.
See if you like what they're all about.

And if their daily blabbing entices you to want more...
well, you take it to the next level.

That's when the fun starts.

That's when you really get to know people.

Or so, I'm told
because lately, I don't really do it.

See, I used to have loads of free time.

{AKA I worked behind a desk in an office.}

I made some pretty awesome friends back in the day
over email and blogging.

But these days,
I am busy with my job directing study abroad programs
that fling me from place-to-place,
I work with a handful of clients on social media consulting & branding,
I'm scouring Portobello Road for pretty antique pieces, shooting them,
packing them up & dragging them down to the post office,
I try to keep blog posts up on here to give you guys something to read
in your free time while you are behind desks at your offices...

and I have a newborn.

My 45 minutes of non-manic time each day
is most commonly spent staring blankly out the window,
eating girl scout cookies at my kitchen table,
or laying on top of my unmade bed clicking through instagram.

Sometimes, if I feel really crazy
I take a bath &/or wash my hair.

You get it,
I'm busy.

{Then again, who's not?}


I'm sorry that I don't do a better job of replying the emails I get
asking questions about travel Europe.

But you have to understand, I get- no lie- around 10 every day day.

People need help on hotels in Paris and 
where to take their 14 year-old daughter
 for dessert & shopping while they are there....

or first-time tourists wanting to take on Europe 
but aren't sure where to start
and how long to spend in each city...

or honeymooners looking for an affordable way to spend 2 weeks in Italy
and needing to know which city to fly into and where they need to fly out from...

I have all of these answers in my brain.

And I get it...
planning a trip to a place 
that you never been to can be daunting.

You're spending a lot of money
and you want it to be just right.

I just don't have the time to spend an hour typing out
 the unique logistical thought that each circumstance requires-
which is what it typically takes me if I'm putting my heart into it.

So from this day forward,
I'm making myself more available to less people.


I'd rather give ten people each month
really good information
than crappy generic replies (or nothing!) to everyone who writes.

If you're committed to planning your European vacation,
I'm offering 30 min, 1 hour, or 2 x 60 minute sessions over Skype
to talk logistics & general consulting matters
like transportation, time frames
 & must-sees for your specific areas of interest
that will help you plan a trip that fits you best. 

Obviously, I don't know everything there is to know,
but I can be especially helpful when planning your trip to Europe
and can offer detailed advice on these specific topics:

England | France | Scotland | Italy | Ireland | Iceland 
Budget Airlines | European Rail | Accommodation

 Consult Session Length

If you're just emailing to ask a simple question, send it my way....
but from now on, emails asking generic trip structuring will be referred to here. 

In the mean time, 
I'll keep posting travel finds
for the various places I go here on the blog
and filing them under my travel log.

Bon Voyage!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Good for you Lauren!

    I love helping people out who are traveling but you're right - IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME! I love that you're turning this into a little business and people will be lucky to have your expertise!

  2. i am SO glad you are doing this lauren. giving out travel advice is so time consuming. writing the posts for a blog alone are time consuming i think (which is why i dont even bother and send everyone who asks me to you...)

  3. i think this is a good move for you, i can't imagine how busy you must be! i feel so busy with one baby...and i don't work right now! love all your travel tips on your blog. best wishes! :)

  4. That's a great idea; I can only imagine how incredibly busy you are! I might be hitting you up for such a session in July since we're going to have a 9 hour layover in London (en route to Africa) and I want to show my boyfriend as much of London in that time as possible!
    BTW, I love your comment about it being like online dating. I guess this means I was checking you out and sent a "wink?"
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

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  6. This is awesome!

    I'd also like to offer a suggestion. What if once a week you posted someone's question and allowed your readers to give advice? Most of us have done a good bit of travel and can likely help.

    1. This is a great idea! I gathered a good bit of knowledge while we were living in England, but I'm rubbish at organizing it into a blog post myself!

    2. I love this idea too... Like a "travel FAQs" type thing :)

  7. I think it is genius...and way to go! (And no worries about replying! ;) )

  8. Fabulous idea! My husband and I are planning a European vacation for our anniversary next year and I was planning to pick through some of your trip ideas, but may very well have to book some time with you too!

  9. Great idea!! Will definitely be utilizing this sometime in the next 6 months :) So glad you're getting some more time to yourself!

  10. This is a really good idea, it is always best to go for quality over quantity! Plus I have always admired the quality of your posts, you cover everything in such detail that your blog itself is a great source of travel info!

  11. Yes, you have every right to charge for your excellent travel advice and every right to not just offer all your wisdom for free.
    I know in the event I need your expertise, I will be calling upon you!

  12. Smart girl! And I think by this point you're totally justified. Mama needs to prioritize her time, and if people need to ask you questions after spending a (few) hours reading through your helpful past posts, well then, I'm sure they wouldn't mind investing some mula into the equation. Get it gurrrrl!

  13.'re awesome!!!It's a very very good idea!!!
    You could create an app as a touristic guide!!!
    I surely download them!!

  14. That's a great idea... to make a small business out of it! Also, maybe when you answer generic emails you should post them on here (like "ask Emily" on cupcakes & cashmere). I am sure multiple people have the same questions!

    1. Smart thinking! I totally should do that. Thank you!!

  15. good for you! this is a great idea! when i decide to go to europe, i am so going to need your help! and i love that this way i can actually talk to you.

  16. Good on ya! as we Aussies say. I'm shocking for giving up time for others when I have none for the stuff I'm *supposed* to do and I'm single with no kids!

  17. Ooh....this is a really good idea! We have our upcoming England/Scotland trip planned out but I wonder if we need to edit and are being too ambitious with our plans...this might be just the thing!

  18. Best idea ever. You should be charging. Good for you!

  19. This is perfect for you!! So smart :) definitely will get your help when I get over there one day :)

  20. awesome, you're cool. And even though you don't know this, you helped me plan some things on my italy and paris trip without even knowing it, because of your blog, so thank you!!

    1. Oh man, that makes my day. Thank you Rebekah!!

  21. I think your prices are way too cheap! xoxo

  22. Let me prices could be a lot higher.....and it would still be a bargain.

  23. Such a great idea. I wish I could do this at work and raise the price every time I had to answer the same question twice :)

  24. Great idea, Lauren!

    And for those who are looking for travel advice online, I recommend the Thorn Tree Forum ( over at Lonely Planet and the Traveler's Helpline on the Rick Steves website (

    1. Both are great sources. Thanks for posting, Angela!! <--- who, by the way, is a former ex-pat, too!

  25. This is a great idea! You'll still be blogging about your traveling adventures, and then can offer this detailed advice to people who are looking for more. I used your blog for tons of London ideas for our trip in April, and that was perfect for me!

  26. you are a genius, truly ... and boundaries are good :)

  27. A great idea! I can see this turning into a new career for you!

  28. Seriously, this is a brilliant idea on your part!

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  30. This is a fantastic idea! I'll admit it - as a new mom myself, I don't know how you manage to do everything you do - and still look absolutely beautiful and maintain such a shining, positive attitude! Don't feel guilty about taking a little step back to make things more manageable for yourself! Thank you for letting us share your journey and so generously giving of yourself to us, the strangers sitting behind the desk. :-) Much love to you!

  31. I love this idea! Good for you to take the step towards sanity and less guilt. I beat myself up for sure when I don't reply to emails... although those are mainly from family and I'm pretty sure I can't ask them to pay for a consult! :) Lovely photos too and that blue and white blouse with the ruffles is gorgeous!

  32. That is wonderful that you are doing this now that you have a a child. It can be too easy to just give stuff away for free or think you should go out of your way and give less time to your family for people who want free advice. Trust me ...I'm a hairdresser. ;)

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  33. Good for you! Earn what you are shelling out, lady. Plus, you have a college education and future trips to save up for. Excellent choice!


  34. Bravo!! This is a brilliant idea! I've seen some of your travel posts and I can only imagine how long those take to create, let alone all the questions you get from everyone daily.

    I like the suggestion of another commenter too, to take the load off you, with posting some common questions on your blog for readers to help answer. Frees you up so you can really commit to those 10 a month.

  35. First of all, the pic of that risotto is killing me. And obviously it's not the infamous risotto from Da Romano! ;) Well done you...this is a brilliant idea! And yay for me for milking all that Italy scoop out of you first! #ikid

    Your blog and archived posts are invaluable...and a huge (free) resource! I hope others take advantage like I do!

    And I fear if I bought a time slot, we'd talk about food the whole time? And maybe nipple cream. :) xo

  36. and ps -- I've been working on my Florence post for 2 weeks...those things are a beast! how do you do it?!? (it's up this thursday)

  37. Bravo. Good for you. :) This is such a smart move. Baby and husband must be so proud of you. :)

  38. GOOD for you girl! time is money! hah but seriously you are THE SWEETEST and you only have so much time so you have to prioritize and sometimes ppl dont understand that you cant send a LONG email response about every question. that being said i do love ya for sending me a rec for cinque terra via twitter. it has been BOOKED and im psyched. xoxo

  39. Yay good for you! I can't imagine answering so many emails all the time. Your travel posts are already amazing. My friend and I just used your Versailles day trip post today. Followed it to a T and had the best time! Thanks for the great tips!

  40. That's a pretty genius idea, actually! I know a lot of people that would spring for that kind of help if it saved them hours hunting things down on the internet!

  41. I think it's a great idea! You obviously have a wealth of knowledge but I can't imagine having any "Me" time at the end of the day with everything you have going on!

  42. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog after following you on instagram for a while (and I'm so happy I did). I'm the one with the Cowfish recommendation (bento box for the win). I think this is such a fantastic idea and I'm tucking this away for when we eventually get to plan our European vacation!

  43. Great idea!! I just wish I knew of your blog when I went to Europe a few years ago!


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