Eat Your Heart Out (London): Central & Co.

The other day after Regent Tweet
with Megan, Amber, & Sophie,
I met up with Tyler & my friend Kyla
for a quick coffee to recharge.

{Quick recap of Regent Tweet below. Read more about it on Sophie's blog.}

from left to right: my huge hair | me | amber | megan | sophie

We had met up outside of Liberty
(tucked right off Regent Street at Oxford Circus) 
and decided to check out a new place
that had recently popped on my radar, 

It's awesome decor had lured me in 
on my way home the week before...
I then added it to my "eat here ASAP" list.

After getting a seat
and making ourselves comfortable,
that "coffee" soon turned into lunch & dessert.

If you're shopping on Oxford or Regent Street,
this place gets two thumbs up for me.

And if/when you go,
do not skip the Eton Mess.

Worth every calorie
in that gorgeous little cup.

Okay, that's it.

Keep Central & Co. on your mental list
for the next time you're in London.

{You can also PIN it or come find it in my London guide when you're ready.}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. That all looks so yummy. And I love (Sophie's?) Regent Tweet tote bag.

    I have been loving your photos lately and these food ones are fantastic. I know you used to use (almost exclusively?) your iPhone, but are these seriously iPhone photos? If so, your skills are out of this world :-)

  2. GIRL!!! I'm gonna come visit you! (I mean in London, not Texas where you are now. I mean, I love you and I think you're awesome, but I'm not gonna go to Texas in August.)

    Haha just kidding. We all know I'd go to Texas in August to visit you. Because I am a stalker.

  3. You all are adorable and that food looks equally delicious! Kicking myself for not checking out your blog/London guide before my fam went back in June - hope you are having a lovely time in Texas with your family - your instagrams crack me up!!

  4. Yum! That desert looks so so good... I never thought of London as a place for foodies before, but you have definitely succeeded in adding it to my radar :)


  5. Holding thumbs we get to come visit soon next month!!! x

  6. I love all you girls - that event certainly looked like a blast! And mmm, this looks great - weird, I've never heard of Eton Mess until maybe two months ago and have suddenly been just hearing/seeing it ALL OVER the place!

  7. This looks great! Plus it is always good to have a new go to place around Oxford/Regents Street! x

  8. I LOVE Central & Co! Glad you enjoyed your visit. :)
    Suppose Anything Goes

  9. i will have to try this out next time i am around there. that eton mess looks amazing!

  10. ahhh YAY this was the best!! xxx


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