Zoe Karssen Speaks My (LOVE) Language.

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I'm a little fancy.
I'm a lotta casual...

I'm also a total wannabe Parisian.

So it's no surprise
that these French-themed tee shirts
by Zoe Karssen 
are speaking my language.

Pretty simple,
a little bit pricey...
but, undeniably, a good addition 
to your summer lineup.

Oui, Oui.


  1. I think I'm in love! I've been looking everywhere for the perfect tissue soft, cute T!

  2. I love them too, every time they go on sale I'm very tempted but haven't bought anything yet!

  3. I haven't seen these before...but think I need a couple.

    Funny thing..my grandmother grew up in Paris, Texas...so I've spent many a childhood driving to, around and through that town.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. Good thing I didn't have access to these back when I could have justified them as an important job expense! Love them. -Your Former French Teacher, The Mademoiselle (PS- if this is a second post, I apologize... GOOGLE is not my friend tonight.)


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