Fall Travel Advice- Going Once, Going Twice...

A recent travel consult in Dallas over some of Breadwinner's Coconut Pie

Hey People!

Just a quick update-
I have a few slots left for September travel consults.

These are becoming one of my favorite things,
but my time is limited...

If you have a trip approaching,
book a session now!

Whether you want to talk big picture
(where to go & how long to stay?),
need advice on how to get from country to country
(train? car? plane?),
or need help creating a tailored daily itinerary,

I got you covered.

We can either skype through the options
or meet over coffee (if you're in London).

But don't wait too long!

My time is limited 
now that the semester has started,
so I would recommend booking now 
before spaces are gone.

Your friendly travel freak,

Travel Consultations


  1. If I ever need the help, I will come to you. Immediately. :)

    Manda from Eat Cake

  2. Your rate per hour is a deal! As a CPA I suggest you bill higher. I only wish my near future took me outside of TX-AR-OK. xo

  3. No travel advice needed here...just a one way to ticket to somewhere AWESOME will do! ;)

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