Take Note: Fall Is Here.

While autumn may be a few degrees away 
from my friends back home, 
it arrived here in London earlier this week.

The summer slid away quietly
as the air got simultaneously crisp.


Even Viola is ready for the cool weather! 

After getting rid of all of my summer clothes
last summer in a fit of jaded angst against British weather,
warm weather was a bit awkward for me.

Also, remaining baby weight looks better under a coat.

{It's been proven by scientists.}

The bottom line is:
I'm glad to usher in the cooler weather
and get cozy.

While I'm all about coats,
I also love the hibernation
that comes along with the cooler weather.

I'm feeling heavy on the black & leopard...
oh man, it just feels perfect 
to slip on something a little dark + glam
and head out in the cold air.

Get ready, North America...
Autumn will be there before you know it!


  1. Love those Kate Spade studs! Have certainly felt the weather change but although it is gloomy it is strangely warm, leaving me sadly stuck between summer and autumn clothing.

  2. While I'm sad that none of those winter staples is required in my wardrobe right now, I'm rather pleased at the same time too (and waiting for a summer visit from the Aspiring Kennedys!) x

  3. Dress me.

    Okay, feed me first then dress me. Thanks.

  4. Hi Lauren!!
    With a wardrobe like this, I think fall could arrive even here in Italy....

  5. that precious babe in a scarf! oh my gosh, the cuteness!

  6. Love these pieces! Fall is here in Portland too and I'm so excited for it! :) My favorite time of year!

  7. Soooo I guess I should pack my coat for my trip there next week? I get cold when it hits 60 degrees. #texasproblems

  8. This time of year, I'd like nothing more than to gather up all the fall clothes in the world and roll around happily in the pile... just sooo wonderfullllll!

  9. I am soo jealous of the Autumn that you get. I am thinking that some time around mid November I will get to bust out a sweater or two. I love everything about Los Angeles, but the delay on Autumn can be a real bummer!

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  11. That baby is so fashionable! By the way, am I the only one seeing a blank space instead of your selection of clothes? It's getting pretty cold in Canada, I'm sure I could use some of your style advice. (Could it be a Firefox problem?)

  12. Ooh I love all of those picks, so pretty! It's definitely fall here in Portland, OR and so I need to pick up some great staple pieces that will keep me warm and dry in the cool, rainy weather here! xoxo

  13. Ugh Viola is adorable with her little beanie - wish I could look as chic in a hat...and loving all of your leopard print recently by the way - it seriously goes with everything!

  14. Viola is seriously too cute!!! I need to get some more chic outfits for my own baby girl....

  15. we're having a bit of an indian summer in Paris this week and i seriously can't wait for autumn to come back (i know i'll regret saying this as soon as it's here)!

  16. Viola, cute as always.

    I can't bring myself to do animal print of any kind.
    Probably because I feel like...the first time I saw it was probably at a Claire's store when I was a pre-teen.

    However, it does look lovely on you.
    Teach us your ways, wise one!

    Manda from Eat Cake

  17. I thouhgt we were getting a glance at fall... then Louisiana hit 95 today. Boo.

  18. im excited to bust out my sweaters, scarves and corduroys again too! although NOT ready for tons of snow. o well...i'll take the fall temps while they last. xo jillian of cornflake dreams

  19. The only thing better than fall...is fall in London.
    Actually, anything is better in London.


  20. I'm jealous.

    It's Still 95 Degrees Here

  21. You dress V soooo cute! Do you have a favorite place to shop for her??

  22. I'm also feeling the black and leopard! And that All Saints coat is to die for. Great list Lauren!

  23. I love the leopard flats you are wearing and those Kate Spade studs you included in this post are beautiful!


  24. Couldn't agree more, love cold weather and bundling up all cozy :) Plus black and leopard print, totally what's up!

  25. London in fall has to be beautiful. It isn't too hot to walk around and take in the city. Enjoy!

  26. Nice choices for fall! In Chicago we're getting hints of cooler weather to come, but the days are ending up in the 70's, which is pretty lovely if you ask me! I'll be in maternity clothes this fall & winter, but hope to still be somewhat stylish as my belly grows. Wish me luck :) (If nothing else, I will rock that oxblood polish!)

  27. Baby V and Paddington!!! What a doll she is!
    And I tried putting on a scarf today with a short sleeved shirt...started sweating...and sighed as I realized summer is too long in the South!

  28. Seeing Viola next to Paddington made me smile so much! She's adorable!

  29. Oh god I love those boots! Never normally a fan of leopard print, but maybe this year I'll get into it... xx

  30. oh snap, is viola wearing chuck taylors? what a doll.


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