Pack Your Bags: Serengeti Safari with Sanctuary Retreats!

Most of the time, 
these Pack Your Bags series 
offer my inside knowledge 
of how to travel
to & from different places.

But today,
I'm just telling you what to pack
if you were headed on a 
safari through the Tanzanian Serengeti
with Sanctuary Retreats...

I'm packing my unlimited-Mary-Poppins-of-a-bag
stuffed full of everything that I'd love to have with me.

*    *   *
Why leave it at a packing list?

Because there's nothing else you need to worry about.

When you travel with a safari outfitter like that-
they take care of all the other details.

When my dad turned 50,
he took our family on a safari
through Kenya & Tanzania.

I'm tempted to label the experience as 
"once in a lifetime,"
except I have hopes of repeating it 
someday with Tyler.

So I'll just leave it at "amazing" for now.

If you're planning a honeymoon, getaway,
or just looking for an experience of a lifetime-
Sanctuary Retreats will offer you options 
that will leave you drooling 
more than a lion over a zebra carcass.

* * *

You can also take a peek at my #virtualsuitcase 
that I "packed" on Pinterest with Sanctuary here.

*this post was sponsored by Sanctuary Retreats.


  1. Oh Lauren!! Totally drooling over these photos! This is very high up on mine and the husbands bucket list. I never got to travel with my family when I was younger, but luckily I married a travelin' man! We went to some really fun places through Europe and the USA before we had children, but this is one place we didn't quite make it to that I'm determined to go as soon as possible! I'd love for my children to be able to experience these things too! So neat that you got to see it with your parents and siblings.

  2. We may go to Africa for the husband's 30th! This looks amazing. Just emailed him the link.

  3. What an amazing trip to go on with your family! I just went to the safari park in San Diego and it made me yearn to go on a real safari again (I also went on one in Kenya & Tanzania)....and then I saw this! I definitely need to start saving and planning to go again with my family so they can experience how amazing it is!!

  4. This has nothing to do with safari and everything to do with your shopping list. Sperry actually has some boots very similar to those tan/gold ones you are lusting after, and theirs are $140, so even though they aren't a flat boot I thought I'd send you a link just in case. I know how shoe obsessions go :)

  5. I totally want to visit Africa once in my life!
    I think it's amazing!!!!

  6. What an amazing trip - it has been my lifelong dream to go on a proper safari! Hopefully I will be able to at some point :)

  7. One of my dreams! To go on an African Safari...sounds amazing :)

  8. These photos are ridiculously amazing. AMAZING!

  9. Jumbo jumbo, fantastic to see this post!
    Just back today from the Serengeti!! It has some magic! We started in Tarangire and went to Ngorongoro Crater via Manyara and took a flight into Serengeti. Serengeti was the real bush.

    For packing:
    Those lodges/camps offer daily laundry service, so it is totally okay to travel light (regional airlines allow only 15kg luaggage, including hand luaggage). 2-3 pairs of long safari trousers are fine, several t-shirts and a jacket/hootie for the cooler temperature after sunset are good to have. Also a scarf as it can get dusty during the dry season. The safari hat everyone recommended, I used only twice. Long sleeve shirts might protect from the sun and in the cooler hours, but it does not help against zeze flies.... they bite anyway (but they are more annoying than painful). We did not take Malaria prophylaxe, and luckily we did not see any moskitos (just now in October). I booked all via Elewana. Hakuna matata!

    If there is a next safari in this life, I would go for the real mobil tented camp for the ultimate safari feeling.


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